New ships/Collab Pack

I'm noticing a bad trend already with the release of this game. There is 0 communication, and to top it off, it look like Microsoft pulled the sonic collaborator pack from their store.

I don't want to play on servers with xbox players who have hundred of hours more than me. I don't want to be forced to purchase character inventory slots etc... that was in the Sonic pack, but waited to actually try the game.

This release is bad, and i've been dreaming of playing this game since it came out in 2012.

I'm really turned off of this game right now.

Yeah. its a very bad release. The lack of communication is the worst part.

I actually managed to purchase the Sonic pack, figured it would be an investment at the very least regardless. Now it keeps giving me errors and won't let the game update. Guess they made it incompatible with the PC version? Not sure, but I hope it's just a hiccup, I should have waited. That and them not opening at least one new server for fresh PC players who don't want to play with inflated economies and maxed out XBox players.....

I've heard from players who couldn't get the Sonic pack because they'd made another purchase (usually the Ragol pack) first. One has let me know they've contacted Microsoft Store support and successfully been allowed to buy it. So that might be an avenue you can use.

WTB ship 4 microsoft please I beg