Moderation PS02 Discord NA insult me and ban me cause i was having issues to install the game.

Hello. My name is Lina and i'm bother with the attitude of the moderation in discord NA from PS02. I decided enter to this server today to install the game and meet people, and people was helping me, the community is great. Finally after some minutes, i was installing the game, and when it finished, it said about some failed downloads. So, i tried again and i started to search the problems in my folders but i didnt find nothing.

I decided later send some posts of my problem in that server, in the correct channel, and i was watching some people having the same issues than me, so i started to ask about how to fix this. After 1 hour without see results, and when the game was active, i started to be nervous, cause i wanted play and pick my nicknames and play it.

And i decided put some emojis two times cause i was bother with the help. Only the community were helping between us, but no results. So, why i'm writting here? Because the moderation decided mute me, ban me and insult me only cause i was having an issue with the game like the rest of people. They called me ''ass'' cause anyone could help me, and i NEVER insulted in that server. Nice attitude from Mods to someone who only wanted find how to resolve this problems!

Ehmmm, really i have to tolerate this? I tried talk with them in direct message about the ban, and they were laughing of me, so i dont understand what happen with this moderation. Currently im banned from server and still with the game with issues to connect.

I expect and i hope someone could help me with this, because i wanted test this game, the game looks good.

This is one screenshot of the ... ''reason'' of my ban.


So instead of answering the question many people have due to technical issues, they solve the problem by banning people?

Don't think the mods here can do anything since that discord isn't a official pso2 discord.

Glad I stopped being part of that discord and pso2 reddit. Also its giving me another reason not to pick ship 2 if we don't get new ships.

That's a fan community ran by AIDA. Not official.

Thank you for comment. I'm really sad for this situation, some weeks waiting with Hype to install the game and talk with great people, and i find this. I just dont have enough energy to play it watching this class of people.