Cannot download/install

@alex33x How does it look like at your end? Mine is like thisScreenshot (579).png

läuft.JPG all up to date for me and still not working ~(^.^)~ 8 years of hype for this madness.... "Good" Job

same Screenshot_1.png

@TbnExotia stuck at selection of drive for installation?

@RuttedSiren00 i can choose but after this there are about 5 sec and then "Fail" : /

@AvianaQuin and @TbnExotia Do you guys get an「Error」or「Fail」 while installing he game even though you meet the System Requirement.

@ChainLis get an error Code: 0x8007065E

It wont install at all i just get that error

i get error Code: 0x80070422 when i click 「See detail」but when trying to look for a fix on Google and Youtube nothing resolved the problem

@TbnExotia The Error Code: 0x8007065Ee is a corrupted update file. Which I'm sure you dont, right?

@TbnExotia and @LilyMe Are you able to Sign in to "Xbox Console Companion"? If you can't. Try going Here if this will fix your Issue. I was able to fix my Download Error status and start downloading the game.

i can download other games from the shit store just fine, its just pso2 with this error. by troubleshooting were no corrupted files found.

@TbnExotia did you try My fix on how i did mine?

yep i tried it but still 0x8007065E .... they shuld just release it on steam .... they miss a mass of players if they can't fix this shit v.v

@TbnExotia try watching this for your Error Code: 0x8007065E How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x8007065e in Windows 10 [Tutorial] 2020 I'm not sure if that will help you, but its worth a try.

tried it, but nothing works... only way i guess if someone uploads the Launcher installer data somewhere for an external download