Cannot download/install

So, i had some technical problems and decided to try re-installing. Now the install doesn't even start after the "select folder" dialogue.

welcome in the crew : /

Also i can't even remove the folder, my pc wont let me change ownership of the folder or delete it from windowsapps. It is much fewer hoops to hop through to play on JP servers, fuck windows store.

I got an error when I try to install it. Troubleshooting didnt help at all. My OS is also up to date. Even did a search on the error Code: 0x80070422 on how to fix it. Still don't work. Just give us a Exe file for the Installation PSO2NAInstallError.png

Ok, so i managed to get the download to start again, but instead of using the existing files that were still there. A new download was started.

EDIT: Ok, somehow i managed to remove the old downloaded files by stopping the new download, taking ownership of the folder, deleting old folder. Giving it one more chance if it starts screwing me again, i'll just jump through the JP servers hoops if i ever get the itch to play this game again.

In my case the game wont install. I click install it goes to select hard drive, then nothing happens. Stuck in a loop.

@alex33x a lot of ppl have the same problem ... guess it would be much better if they just release it on steam ... but well, no statemant so fare and i guess we will never be able to play the game : /

having this issue too. Tried everything to think of a solution. The WSrepair program, reinstalling WS. I quadruple checked my version numbers. Windows store is just hot garbage. I knew this would happen as soon as it was announced.

@alex33x You are not the only one. Nothing happens after selecting which drive to install to

@alex33x Do you have problems with your hardware not detected by microsoft store? I had this problem that my store cant detect my hardware

no it shows the hardware, after I select an SSD or M.2 drive, it just doesnt do anything.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

fail.JPG after about 5 sec. for "download" :3