For those who got the error NO.106

Hi all! 30 min ago i downloaded the game via Microsoft Store without a problem after i changed my region(EU player here).I tried to click play from the microsoft store and i got the error NO. 106 Could not update to the latest version! After a few minutes of tweaking with my computer i managed to resolve the problem. The cause?Your Windows Defender, more specific , your Ransomware Protection!If you have this setting activated/ON that means your PSO launcher can't copy/install some files in some directory's as you try to launch the game via Microsoft Store.Deactivating this option will let your launcher install the necessary file/files thous managing to launch the game and download the rest of it! Right now it downloading and i'm waiting to see if i get another error, i hope not! PS: This worked for me, i don't know for the rest of y'all, i just posted it maybe it can help somebody who has the exact same issue..

This helped! I figured this out before I found your fix. Thank you!

OMG YES! Thank you so much, I've been looking for a fix for the past few hours.

Wow I've tried everything else and didn't even know this existed. Thanks for the info i'm now able to launch the game.

@ChocolateFob203 When I went to check Ransomware Protection in Windows I already had it turned off. When I turned it on, it still gave me the problem, and when I turned it off, it still gave that problem as well. 😢 Still stuck in error 106

@ChocolateFob203 Thank you! This method worked perfectly for me!

@ChocolateFob203 howdo you do this thoe i don´t think this my error i made ia post for mien with a 104 i think

This worked for me. After trying several things. I searched ransomware in the windows search bar and turned off the ransomware protection.