Helpful feedback for devs to read and utilize

Instead of "Emergency Code: Duel," we could have "Emergency Tasking Order: High-Priority Threat Destruction."

Similarly, "Emergency Code: Arrest" becomes "Emergency Tasking Order: Capture," and so on.

I don't think making it more of a mouthful is going to make it less annoying

Plus, there's the issue that Code: Capture is already a thing (a very different thing).

Dunno why add the Tasking part Emergency Order would work just as fine

the stuff about CASTs is kind of more that pscrew was moving more in a direction of making character race/gender matter less mechanically; since at this point it's basically the two things we can never change about a character after character creation, but still have some minor effects so people don't feel that it's completely meaningless mechanically. splitting form from function has generally been considered a good idea in terms of game design; and it also helps role play since one can simply impose their own headcanon on top of the setting: like making your own headcanon that casts are still generally not good at using techniques, but making a cast force character who is the exception to this personal rule.

So the only time you failed a boss fight is when it was timed, this is further proof that the game is way to easy. I understand that it has harder difficulty setting, but my point it is that it's too easy early on. I was taking on bosses 10+ levels higher than me the entire time by myself. No help.

Regarding "EMERGENCY CODE!" in the Japanese it used to be "Initiating Code..." during the first two alphas but was changed for some reason.

You can see it here:

Would have been nice if NA brought back those old voice clips...

I understand you spent some time with coming up and writing your suggestions, but what you are saying changes the overall mechanics of the game and would therefore need to be changed within the JP version.

This is not a new game. This is simply a port from pc to Xbox with an English translation. Changing the way poison works, changing how the map looks, and general cosmetics would most likely need to be implemented within the JP servers first and then eventually to the NA servers. When people have “suggestions” they need to understand the game and general gameplay will not change. The feedback is for any technical issues you may have had with the xb1 port (UI, text, etc...)