need help changing update storage (could fix 140 error i think?)

i think the 140 problem when trying to update is due to low storage space, my game is installed on K drive, but when trying to update, i noticed the C drive where i mostly use for windows and game saves is getting full, and i always seem to get the 140 error around the time C drive is full, and even now after i cleared space, i notice it shrinkinh while the game is updating.

long story short, the 140 error seem to be related to the storage space and would love to know how to change where the temporary update files are being downloaded to.

I was having this issue as well; Fortunately there should be a fairly easy fix (at least one that worked for me.)

Navigate to settings > system > storage and near the bottom "change where new content is saved" from there select the drop down menu for "new apps will save to:" and select the drive you want the update files to be downloaded to.

I had to reinstall the game but this fixed the problem for me.