Stuck repairing?

I tried to repair the app through the settings but it appears to be not doing anything for far too long.

Same and somehow i cant even uninstall it either to reinstall it...If i would not know better i think its a virus/scam this game XD

I used a wreset command and now the command prompt is stuck too.

If it's a windows error, try restarting, if not, format. All windows error work like that

Well I'm sure restarting will get it unstuck but I don't think that will fix the larger issue here... Also formatting is the nuclear option.

Well I don't know if this is related but my computer gave me a scare that made me think it was bricked, it turned out the I/O switch was on "O" the whole time and when I switched it to "I" it turned on again.

Not exactly sure how the hell that works but if "O" was actually "off" it would explain why the reset button caused my computer to stop detecting my hard drive until I hit reset again a few weeks ago and why I have to hard shutdown my computer with the power button to get it to turn off. Even logging out caused a freeze, as I learned the hard way when I logged out to unstuck the reparing.

Now the app won't start at all though...

My game now is still loading after i click on play for the last 24 hours and even after 10 restarts/reset everything it still say its loading.. I give up! this game is beyong playble atm.Even another games you can still ge to the start menu.

Have you tried ctrl alt del and opening the task manager to close the program correctly and then restarting?

I used Revo Uninstaller to clear out the registery and cleared out the folders in program files/windowsapps/mutable and program files/modifiablewindowsapps

It still took forever for Windows to notice it wasn't installed though...

@Mattwo7 That sucks, yeah i personally like cleancc for cache data and whenever i download something, but i think it's just a client error. You might have to wait for a patch version.

@ERICK001BC Tryed yes but it does not even show up so 😞

@Kimisarugamer Have you tried force uninstalling it under safe mode? It might be better as it limits anything that can be interrupting it.