transfer install between computers

so, some context, I have kind of slow internet, not slow enough that I'm not able to play games online but slow enough that downloading this game will likely take me 20 hours. I also have a room mate that now has to work from home and can't have their entire internet sapped for a full workday so I figured that maybe I could get a buddy of mine with gigabit internet to download the game and pop the install files onto an external hdd and bring them to me. the problem is that I don't know if this is possible or how to do it for this game.

that brings me to a question I'd like to pose to anyone reading this, do you know if it's possible to install the game on one computer and then transfer the game files to another to bypass having to download the game on the second computer, and if it is possible, how would one go about doing it? this friend of mine is likely going to play as well so it wouldn't be a problem for them to download and this wouldn't be the first time we've done this, so he's used to doing this for me lol, though it's generally done with steam games

anybody? got about 15% downloaded in 1 night, really don't want to wait multiple days because of downloading lol

Probably not, because of Microsoft Store restrictions.

@Ezodagrom that's kind of what I'm worried about and what made me go "screw it, I'll ask" lol

Fortunately, it should be possible. However, you must at least install it directly from the MS Store on both computers. You can speed up the download on the second computer by allowing the other computer on your network to share the data it has. I forget where this option is, but while downloading on the MS Store, it should have a link to the page in settings where you can adjust it.

Then, you will need to run the launcher on both PCs. Just close the second one after it updates the launcher and let the first one complete. When that is done, go to CL\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps. When there, copy the pso2_bin folder to the same folder on the second computer completely overwriting everything. A large external hard drive would be recommended for the transfer.You should also probably go to your Documents folder on the first computer and copy the SEGA folder in there to the same location on the second computer. This should let the second computer know that all files are available and it will just need to check them.

@Ragnawind Hey, thanks for the instructions,I will have to give them a try. my buddy, as mentioned in the op has already downloaded and is playing the game so I will pass them along to him so he can get everything moved to an external drive. luckily I already have the launcher downloaded through the ms store, got that started as soon as it was available and I think the launcher is updated since it's been downloading what I assume is the game itself. will report back tomorrow if it works, and thanks again for the tip 🙂

welp, gave a a good college try but no luck. got my buddy to bring me the files but when I went to slot them in I found that I had to change ownership of the folders, by doing this the game thought there was something wrong with the files and just moved them to a backup folder to be deleted and restarting the download process all together. hell, first try corrupted the launcher and I had to redownload that, 6 hours of my day gone there for testing, so now I am back to just setting it to download every night for a few nights. don't know if I just did something wrong, but I think this being linked to windows store kind of fucks things up.

@Ragnawind thanks for trying at least 🙂 really do appreciate it