Will not Launch at all.

I install the game, Press the play button get a small progress window then it disappears then nothing happens after that. Hitting the play button after does nothing. restarting system does nothing. I dont even have access to open the launcher in the files.

same here mate. but mine does NOTHING. i mean i press the app icon and NOTHING happens

Me and my friend are having the same problem! I'm currently uninstalling and reinstalling as we speak

uninstall and reinstall totally absolutley isnt gona help

@StopGiraffe9646 How do you know

@Coszmik4925 because it dosent make sense. just wait and see when ur download gets done.

AAGGGH the game won't even launch...

This shit even has issues uninstalling. I'd suggest keep any and everything from this off your computer until they figure it out

its definitly a problem with microsoft. not ouur pc not our installs. we have to wait tillt hey fix their shit.

@OddCrown thanks for the heads up will do