the game will not open at all.

quite honestly. this is pretty annoying. guess illjust take my ass back to jp. been on there for 5 years anyway i only wanted to try this a nd see how it feels.

Had the same issue, I got it to update, and get to press enter screen and nothing. So I went to reinstall it...won't let me uninstall but them still let's me install so said screw it and did that. Now the launcher doesn't even open, I get no error and it doesn't open. I let it sit seeing if it would for 30 minutes, nope so I opened Task Manager to see if something in the background was going on...nope. I've been trying to get rid of these fake files for 4 hours now hoping to just reinstall it properly and still getting nowhere. I'm in the same boat...about to take my happy ass back to JP servers and just play that again as this is a colossal waste of my time but I want my space back....this thing is behaving like malware and I've had it.

@ZaenxOdakai right mate. and leme tell ya. dont try to reinstall it. thats not the problem it wont do a damn thing . its really hard for an install to get corrupted and rarley happens. theres another problem going on here

@Destrezza Too late already tried reinstalling and as you said doesn't do anything. XD This is turning out to be worse then Sim City 2013 at this rate.

nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LOL well hey i heard its actually going abit smoother now so good luck!

i was having the problem a lot of people seem to be having, nothing would happen after launching game from launcher not even an error code spent 2 hours troubleshooting i found my antivirus(avast) had deleted 2 files after restoring these files back into ModifiableWindowsApps NOT WindowsApps that everyone keeps referencing pso2 booted up perfectly. also note when attempting to restore deleted items even though they said they where restore they had not bin and had to manually drag then from virus vault. hope this saves people hours of frustration that i went through.

I was having the same issue. My issue was my antivirus. I disabled it while installing the game and it works now. Try that out before you reinstall.

This same not opening issue happened to me as well. I tried uninstalling the game through the store but it just hangs indefinitely without ever uninstalling. Then if you restart your pc, the game is seemingly uninstalled from your store as the listing is gone and the only option is to reinstall. I did this and the game installed and worked...ONCE. I played for a bit then logged out and when I tried to log back in, the app icon wouldn't launch AGAIN. I then proceeded to hit the uninstall button and tried for a third reinstall. Upon installing it again i noticed my disk space was all used up, found out the microsoft store wasn't uninstalling it at all, just removing it from my library and labeling it as uninstalled but all the data files for pso2 were still on my C drive. I enabled show hidden files, navigated to windowsapps folder and found three copies of pso2 gamedata, tried to delete them but couldn't. These folders are owned by system and we do not have access to modify them. I ended up having to transfer ownership of all files within the folder to finally delete them. 150gb worth of pso2 data files. I finally got my C drive space back and I'm not doing that all over again.

They need to fix this shit or release it elsewhere, with some service that actually works.