the game will not open at all.

the game opened at first when i downloaded. and theservers were greyed out and said there was maintenance. then iput the game on full screen and it just blinked black for a few seconds the whole time until i closed it. now it wont open at all. no response. and its not my graphics card or anything goofy like that.

same here...

it opened at first. then i put it on highest graphics and what not and full screen then boom wont work not at all.

its definitly a problem with microsoft not our installs or our pc

i downloaded the game and patch it couple hours ago, after that wont even launch. yeah prolly' microsoft issues

i say we will be good in another 1-5 hours... they might hold maintenance again

Same here. I can't even delete the game. It's been "uninstalling" for the past 20 minutes.

yeah see i think since they know they fucked up they froze the games assets and stuff. when we install their shit we dont have control over thefiles anyway its in a hidden special folder controlled by them on our pc so. i think they like disabled the service that lets us use it for now until they stop fuckin up

Mine too I downloaded the game from store and it started at first. Then it said that it downloaded the latest update and needed to be restart. I pressed back but the launcher did not open

might as well start checking their twitter

try completely disabling your antivirus i uninstalled "avast" and after a reinstall i got the launcher for the first time.

we all got the launcher the first time i dont think thats the problem here.

I can start the Launcher but when I click the red "Start Game" then I get the Progress bars for a second or two and then the Launcher closes and nothing happens... Sounds like a lot of others are having similar issues...

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if u close thelauncherr out u might now be able to get it back at all