PS4 Controller Not Working??

Anyone getting movement / camera drift with ds4?

@Ap2Racer ds4 worked, very easy

@BrothaBacchus No issue with drift, I had that issue with an old controller, i threw it out and switched. no issues.

if you got DS4 downloaded and its still now working, uninstall the driver and reinstall it. You got to open up the "Virtual Bus Driver" after you click on that folder, you should see a app called "ScpDriver" open that up and uninstall it and after you got the conformation that it was uninstalled, hit install again . the controller should work now

will a razer raiju ultimate work on ds4?

@Enasni-VII that will depend, if you are starting the game via Steam then you gonna need to make Steam handle the controller to be recognized as a DS4, if is from MS Store then you gonna need to use a program to change the entry of the controller to be recognized as a DS4 but for what I know via MS Store the DS4 doesn't work and need to be changed into 360/One controller to the input be valid