PS4 Controller Not Working??

Just got the NA PC version downloaded and working. But when I tried to connect my controller, nothing happens at all. Just trying to see if anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it.

Having the same issue.

Just a question did you guys download the game in the default directory? 😄 program u know that stuff. As I heard someone managed to get the ps4 controller working on the jp side by leaving it on the default directory. I haven't tested it because I downloaded mine on my 2nd hard drive.

@bladehell32 Everything is default like PSO JP for me. One friend switched to a Xbox controller and it works fine for him.

If i load up the Jp version the controller works fine, NA version nope

@VenaticPlot6613 Maybe Ps4 is just not readable with this version. Though I don't see why it wouldn't when it literally has the DS4 symbol display option when using a controller... I honestly don't know whats going on here. I had to reinstall my PSO2NA again because for some reason when I tried to restart my PC to see if my ps4 would work it somehow broke and deleted my game making me have to reinstall the entire thing again.

I downloaded the game on separate hard drive but when I get home I’ll put it on main drive and see if that fixes it

ps3 remotes work but ps4 doesnt....too bad ps3 remotes are just shit compared.....

@shad0ws0rr0w How the hell did that happen? Is there a way for it to make it read it like a ps3 like maybe using better ds4 or something third party programs

im trying to see if i can make a ps4 remote read as if its a ps3....nothing yet. also its been 30 mins now i cant even open the no gameguard pop up no load screen nothing just the shortcut is broken, so i tried to normal exe....still nothing. 8 years later and they cant get a game to work lol

I'm also experiencing this issue. Would really like to use the DualShock 4 for this game.

just download ds4 for windows. it emulates a xbox controller. ps4 controller does not work as plug and play

@Ap2Racer Just tried your method and it worked out great thanks so much for your help man!

So for this game I’m going to need DS4? I use the Sony Wireless Adaptor to make my controller wireless connection more stable. I have a few things to try once I get home.

Can I get a link to your DL? The one I tried doesn't seem to work even though it says DS4 driver is up to date.