Controller not being detected on Windows 10

Hi new here just started on the PC and PSO2 doesn't seem to be detecting my PS4 controller and I've doublechecked to see if other games work and it works fine it just happens to be this game. Anyone got any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Typical game companies nowadays...they didnt even test if controllers work before release.

No, it works. You may have other USB devices that are taking "Priority" over others. I have same issue when it comes to Steam. I'm using my Xbox pad just fine. The controller has to be plugged in before you start the game up.

@Diamond-Cats258 Yeah someone confirmed that using xbox controllers work perfectly fine but ps4 doesn't seem to be picked up at all. I've double checked my usb connectors and the only thing its showing is my ps4 controller and even that its not reading it at all. On top of that I did restart the game making sure the controller was connected first. Still nothing unfortunately. I tried to restart my PC to see maybe that might help but instead the game broke and the microsoft store for some reason deleted it and made me reinstall the whole thing again., Like the entire thing.

its microsoft, they probably disabled ps4 remotes somehow through windows itself for this game.

@shad0ws0rr0w Honestly it doesn't make sense the game has DS4 support in terms of displaying the symbol icons on screen so it might just be an oversight or something thats not making it read the ps4 gamepad

Using DS4windows resolve the issue perfectly.

ill let you know after the 2nd install which takes an eternity....:)

I got to play for a while with my ps4 controller then when I tried to use it today it's not detecting it.

Same thing happened here. Played just this morning and all of yesterday with controller no problems. Got on tonight and now it's not working. PS4 Dual Shock with DS4 Windows.

Having the same problem, played just fine this afternoon and yesterday, got back from dinner and wanted to hop on and been racking my brain trying to figure out why it wont work all of a sudden, glad I looked and saw I'm not the only one. 😥

You need a driver, which emulates an Xbox controller on top of your DS4, so it can use Xinput.

I use Scp, because I only have a PS3 controller.

Been using DS4Windows with no problem til a couple hours ago

Verified game files and it didn't find any problems, but now controller is working again, so strange

Your DS4 might be working out of the box if Steam is making it act like an Xbox controller. So for those of you with that setting on, just turn on Steam and it'll work with PSO2. For those that don't want that setting or lack Steam, use DS4Windows as was suggested. PSO2 doesn't natively support PS4 controllers, it comes from an era where Xinput was only ever supported by PC developers. The Japanese version of the game also doesn't support PS4 controllers, @shad0ws0rr0w - Try not to be so quick to judge.