Authentication Error No. 787 when connecting to any ship


Same issue here, also if I relogin to my microsoft account, hitting enter on the launch screen brings up a white box that never loads any content. Not sure if you're also getting similar symptoms, just putting info out there

Hi, I fixed it by relogging like you suggested. But I wasn't stuck with a white screen.

  1. Logged out of xbox app
  2. Launch game
  3. The bottom left no longer had my gamer tag
  4. Proceed with the popup window on the "ENTER" launch screen

Looks like xbox app was the issue, if anyone else sees this log out of your xbox companion app and relaunch the game

That fixed it for me, thank you for the help!

I tried relogging but still didn't work for me 😞 I would really appreciate the help since the support basically said FU when I created a ticket. xd