Ryutensei's Bouncer Guide

I feel like I’m cappin my dmg , annd could possibly be hitting harder , i main Bo but i sub hunter and fighter per the situation ..on fi sub, jetsweep kick without a doubt hits harder but hunter sub normal hits seem to be doing more dmg im guessing cuz of the bonuses for perfect attacks.. how can i get more dmg .. maybe my tree is wrong... I’m affixed like crazy but still feel i can hit harder. Also I’m using switch strike because i have a good 400 more melee dmg than tech so should i not be using switch strike and just leave it off or leave it on? I see a difference in my attacks with it on they definitely hit harder but is it necessary?

Can someone tell me which affix is good for JB? I'm using a pure DEX mag and I'm play Fi as subclass.

@TectalButton666 If you aren't using Switch Strike, then anything that gives you TEC-Pwr. If you are using Switch Strike, then anything that gives you MEL-Pwr.

Hi, I'm new to bouncer,can anyone tell me the name of vinto guige skill mentioned in the guide,in the na version?

@Lokranas Vinto is Jetsweep Kick on the NA version. Additionally, Moment Gale is named Surging Gale on the NA version.

So if your augments on your boots are primarily tech based, switch strike won't work as well activated vs not activated? Which would be better? Auging tech or mel on boots?

@AbhorrentOne Correct; Switch Strike makes your JBs use MEL-Pwr instead of TEC-Pwr, so TEC-Pwr augments get ignored.

As to which is better, it really depends on your set up. If you are also using Soaring Blades, then you probably want to use Switch Strike and MEL-Pwr augments on your Jet Boots, since then you just need to concentrate on getting MEL-Pwr on your Units instead of trying to add both MEL- and TEC-Pwr.

If you are just using Jet Boots, then you can just concentrate on TEC-Pwr augments for both Boots and Units, or still go MEL-Pwr with Switch Strike.

@AndrlCh thanks~ so if I am just using boots and have majority of tech augments should I even bother with switch strike then? I have a mix of both augs since I am still afraid to augment and ruin what I have going so far.

Sorry these are probably annoying, greatly appreciate the knowledge.

@AbhorrentOne If you have higher TEC-Pwr overall (you can check this in your character stats menu), then you don't need to use Switch Strike.

@AndrlCh that's what I was thinking, thanks again so much. Appreciate it.

So how exactly do you play as BoFi? I can't seem to understand what you should be doing.

@Galaxy-Golden Bo/Fi is primarily a Jet Boots style. You do the normal Jet Boots stuff on your Bouncer Tree, and on your Fighter Tree, you take the Chaser Skills since you can easily apply Blind with a Surging Gale, thus giving you a boosted damage multiplier and the ability to crowd control easily between the PA's suctions and Chaser Bind, and you also get a great damage multiplier (and PP reductions) for cycling PAs/Techs (like Surging Gale->Jetstream Kick). It also is a lot more reliant on dodging since it can't tank as easily as Bo/Hu, which makes Soaring Blades a much riskier option.


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