HDD Space Not Given Back After Uninstall

@Ragnawind Hey i followed your instructions and i got control of the folder. it was weird but i had a bunch of different admins. i had "admin", "Administrator" and "Administrators". I used "Administrators" and it all worked out. but now i would like to know if i can also get rid of these folders with xbox in their name or should i just leave them?


If they dont have anything to do with pso2 i would leave them. i just want to delete all traces of this mess from my pc lol.

Also is there any way to set things back as they were before granting these permissions to myself or is this the way it will stay from now on? Im afraid i may delete important files in the future lmao.

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microsoft store sucks overall . ive never used it before this. the thing that sucks the most is how microsoft store abuses and overides permits on your computer , because microsoft. steam is less intrusive and more user friendly hands down

Learned that the hard way, thanks to PSO2. Too bad because I liked the game. Sigh. Guess I'll just wait and see what happens from here before installing it again.

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To be clear, you do NOT delete the whole WindowsApp folder. For this game, the launcher is directly inside the folder in a folder that includes "oxyna" in its name. The actual data downloaded should be in Mutable in a folder with the same name.

Thanks for this tip, helped a lot. Not installing the game again soon. Hoping Microsoft fixes the issues we encountered. At least I got to play the game for a few hours before it went dead hahahahaha.

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@GarryJH ok i have delete the two folders in my C but...the missing space is still missing. i think i lost with 4-6 reinstall on C 6gb....for the price of getting nothing. on my side...all starts end ends with trying to download the 11gb from the store.

I was lucky I was able to reclaim around 50-60gb of space. However, I'm still missing around 10-20gb of space. Don't know where to look anymore as I've deleted all that has been discussed here, including the PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 folder in my C drive. Well, at least I got a lot of hdd space back.

i lost 6gb by trying to get the 11gb. 117mb was all i got from my first try to donload the 11gb. after 4-6times i lost the 6gb. after viewing this topic i found that the following folders are the bad ones. in WindowsApps: Mutable and MutableBackup this 2 Folders are EMPTY!!!! why i lost 6gb....which folder give me back the 6gb<.<

Some players have bought the collaboration editions and may also have the problem that they cannot play. SEGA should make sure that they provide a solution, otherwise there will be complaints.

@HoDKenji have you tried right click on your drive, properties, disk clean-up? Also if you have a software like CC cleaner, would be nice to run it, as it will also clean the registry

@SixthBulb630463 i it it but nothing....i klick on download in my store....error.fehler4.JPG

Wanted to provide a reference point so others know the storage space that it should be. (Last night kept running down to 400Kb space available no matter how much I deleted)

So 1st off, youll have to gain permission to delete the folder where everything seems to get stuck at. I had mine on a separate drive so I was just able to delete the WindowsApp folder. After that you HAVE to uninstall PSO2. This will not only free up that 11GB, but another folder which has close to that as well.

After that I had 92GB Free. Restarted the install process and then I patched. I now have 23GB free after the patch is done.

So to all those who keep trying to repatch or so, you may be better off starting fully fresh.

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@SixthBulb630463 i it it but nothing....i klick on download in my store....error.!

He, Hast du Windows update gemacht? Das kann auch ein probleme gaben. Auch spicherplatz.

@Mysticales mein windows ist aufm aktuellen stand...ich hab regestry und c bereinigt was mir jetzt wieder space gegeben hat. Ausm store kann ich dennoch nicht laden. lösung für dieses prob hab ich in nem anderen topic geschrieben. Es müsste eine andere Quelle für die 11GB geben. Aus dem Store bekommt man nur die 11GB um den launcher zu installieren. Wenn diese 11GB z.b im Onedrive oder Googledrive als freie Link datei gäbe wäre das problem mit dem store gelößt

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when you delete mutables , all data get transfered to mutables backup a73a05d1-39cf-4c54-b3c3-1f64f2f21d3f-image.png make sure you delete both, also you might want to check for recently modified folders in you directory because pso files are sneaky AF .about 80gb to get rid of. also deleted modifiablewindowsapps, a some other folder with gibberish i forgot, with pso stuff inside. make sure you look inside folders carefully if you instaled in C : Drive , since it gets all mixed up with important stuff

I was able to delete both Mutable and MutableBackup folders, which was something like 115 GB of stuff. I still only have 277 GB left on my harddrive compared to the 370+ I had before installing PSO2. To clarify, my remaining space was UNCHANGED from before I deleted the Mutables and after. It's like deleting 100+ GB had no effect whatsoever. I also ran the uninstall from the Add/Remove Apps and deleted the ModifiableWindowsApps folder in Program Files (though when I did this, it thought about it for a while and then told me it couldn't find what it was supposed to delete - but the folder is vanished so??).

When an MMO launches, I totally understand server crashes and log-in issues, but this kind of issue, that's so negatively affecting people's actual computers, is seriously unacceptable.

On my girlfriend's computer I was able to safely kill all the files but on mine no matter what I did my computer just would not let me delete them. I was really looking forward to playing but I'm afraid to re-install it after having to format to get my drive space back. Maybe someday a more trusted client than the Windows Store will release the US version though I doubt it and that sucks. I'm never trusting the Windows Store again.

6785d5e2-c4be-4caf-8e23-07710956323d-image.png Still going, i had to reinstall the game 3 times already, apparently this garbage was piling up all this time. (I have it no D drive, my C would never hold that amount

@Panama That's some seriously weird shit man o_o

@HoDKenji I know that this is a day later but just in case you havent heard it from someone else, don't touch the folder on your boot drive if you didn't install the game to that drive. There is important system things in there that can really mess up some stuff if they dont work properly.