HDD Space Not Given Back After Uninstall

on my D there is the WindowsApp only that is new and there is nothing in it...if i look at windowsApp on my C...there are more then the game relevant folders...... if you delete the whole WindowsApp folder you could kill your whole system....if i´m right.

you should really install windows apps on separate drives from your boot one, that way you can just delete the windows apps folder that resides in the other drive. From the looks of it yes it would be the mutable backup folder.

@ShionLunar i deleted the whole folder, then again i installed in D : drive so i dont know if it applies for C : too. i deleted both these folders d06b524b-7485-464c-9f2d-492bb95607c7-image.png on D drive

Yeah, using the power of common sense i have cleverly deduced that the big ass files in the mutable backup folder that were created today after i started downloading the patches must be the culprit.

Deleted them and gonna try again. Fingers crossed yeah?

@HoDKenji Check the folder to see if it is actually holding information on your D drive. The files in the windowsapps folder there could be set to "hidden" which means if you dont have the setting on to see hidden files then you will see nothing in the folder.

@Damesis If you installed to the D drive that should be just fine.

To be clear, you do NOT delete the whole WindowsApp folder. For this game, the launcher is directly inside the folder in a folder that includes "oxyna" in its name. The actual data downloaded should be in Mutable in a folder with the same name.

@Chrystalian i can see the hidden files of the folder. i had open the windowsApp folder on C and oh boy there more folder in it as on my D.

@AccelShift im redownloading again, apparently you can fix the issue by gaining full admin rights in the folders and disabling windos defender , wich is a bit sketchy but is worth a try.

@Damesis I must admit my AV did complain an awful lot while installing PSO2's patches. I'm redownloading too, best of luck to you!

@SixthBulb630463 said in HDD Space Not Given Back After Uninstall:

I had the same problem, installed the game twice and my SSD was on the limit. You need to make yourself owner of the folder. Folder right click, properties, security tab, advance.
New window pops up, on the top, where you see "Owner:" click change, another window pops up, advance, find now, and search your user name for your PC. Accept the changes, click on the box to have files and folder inside that changed too. Now you need to "add" permission, so on the same advance settings window that you change owner, click on add, on the top "select principal", again advance, "find now", search for your user name, click on "Full control"

Tried changing perms and it refuses to let me even do that. I've lost 200GB of space -.-

@ZaenxOdakai i had this issue too, have you made sure to Enable inheritance? Because it wouldn't let me take full control until then.

You definitely don't have to disable defenders to give yourself rights over the folder.

You just right click it, properties -> security --> advanced and change the owner to user, which allows your Microsoft and local accounts to manipulate the folders after getting a prompt.

You click to apply it to all subfolders and files and it will apply it to all. Does not require turning off your device's protection.

@AccelShift Yup and nothing. ><