HDD Space Not Given Back After Uninstall

but for the C you need to know what you can delete....on D you can delete the whole folder. and still there is no comment from sega....no comment for this.

The uninstall issues are caused by the way the game is installed via the microsoft store, this isn't the only game this happens with on the microsoft store.

microsoft store sucks overall . ive never used it before this. the thing that sucks the most is how microsoft store abuses and overides permits on your computer , because microsoft. steam is less intrusive and more user friendly hands down

I didn't know it was this bad, now I probably have to reset Windows 10 only because PSO2 failed to install properly... I'm not sure I want to try installing a second time after knowing this.

first fail of sega was in 2012...the announcment for pso2 for eu/us after 6 years the statement the can´t bring it to us/eu cause of lizence rights. 2.fail they announced it for xb1 and pc with whole content...ok this fail isn´t so bad. 3.fail that most of the pc palyer can´t paly it cause of reasons. 4. incoming fail...to say there is a regionblock or the do nothing about this fucking problem. 5. fail....a 8 years old game bring to US with OS win10 only...the original needs win xp till today if i´m not wrong. 6. fail....no comment from there side

For those that need permission to delete the folder in C:/Program Files/WindowsApp, here is what you do:

  1. Go to the Program Files directly and make sure that you are set to see Hidden Files from the View tab.
  2. Right Click the WindowsApps folder, click Properties, and go to the Security tab
  3. Click Advanced
  4. At the top, click Change next to owner and click yes on the UAC window
  5. In the textbox type: Administrators
  6. Click Check Names and then click OK.
  7. Click the Checkbox at the bottom to inherit, and then click OK until all the property windows close. It should start changing the owners of all files with the directory.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the last step anymore, but you can try deleting the folder now. If it still doesn't work, you have to go back to the Security tab and change the permission of Administrators to Full Control and use the checkbox to inherit permissions again. Even if there are errors, it will still work.

@Ragnawind btw if you want to reinstall to try again you need to restart pc, and then you can reinstall and go through hell again like me 2f7129d5-e892-45bb-a4e4-ddbabba5c06a-image.png

Its not a microsoft store problem. sega fucked up their update system. they create a C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MutableBackup forder outside of the app folder if they use their bad updater. this folder wont be deleted if you delete the game.

2nd their complete bullshit updater didnt even ask for data access in the windows security settings and is blocked so many people get the 1813 error

@Ragnador-GER makes sense

Bill gates should pump more money in support and this shit of store xD correct me if he has nothing to do with the store but MS is from him.

to be fair the only ones that use the MS store are parents that buy games for their kids lol. with 0 knowledge in gaming.

@Ragnawind if you delet the windowsapp folder in C you can kill your whole system....in this folder on C is more then only the game files. you need to know what folder in the windowsapp folder ist only for the game. if you find them you can do the same with the rights to this folder to delete them.

My problem now is, that if i want to try to download the game from the store to my D again...there is a error...ply try it again later.

Trust me, this is far from the only case of a microsoft store game that has troubles with taking up too much memory or not uninstalling properly. lol.

Uhh, so just to be sure, just delete the entire Mutable and MutableBackup folder?

Yeah i'd like to know what folders i'm to be deleting as well, any kind soul wanna clear things up for us?