HDD Space Not Given Back After Uninstall

Hey guys,

I just downloaded for PC and was getting an updater error, so I decided to uninstall the game as I'll try again once things settle, but curiously, after uninstall from the Windows Store, my HDD space has not been freed up. I located the game folder in the /windowsapps folder under mutables and that folder is only 60mb, and this vanished shortly after my uninstall. Are there other files stored elsewhere?

I was trying various methods on here to make the game work but ultimately, nothing did, and now I'm left with a sour reminder of that in a rather large amount of space taken up by something I cannot use! I had 100gb left before installing, now around 60. I have installed nothing else since, I have uninstalled the game from the Windows Store and checked the directory within windowsapps folder and nothing is there. Also used disk cleanup and Ccleaner to no avail.

Anyone got any ideas?

I have the same issue. Downloaded the game, had an error, wanted to reopen the launcher but nothing worked, so I deinstalled it. But instead of deinstalling all the game data, it only seemed to get rid of the ~10gb of the initial launcher download, with the remaining ~60gb still left on my HDD.

So I downloaded the launcher again and started the download again, assuming that "it will use the game files apparently still on my pc" but as I later noticed it was downloading the entire game a second time. Stopped that download sometime in before it ate up all my space and now Im stuck with ~120gb of "dead data".

Im running on a very limited data cap and basically cant use my pc for any games now unless I manage to get rid of this somehow. Someone please tell me that Im just being incompetent and theres an easy fix for this.

Yea this is seriously fucked. I have a nice big chunk of dead data on my computer and it won't even uninstall the original 11 gb. This is disgusting practice by a company. I'd suggest throwing reviews up on the microsoft store stating as much

the game create a windowsApp folder ...this folder is empty and can´t be deleted. more then eating space from "uninstall" and try again it doesn´t do a thing. 8 years of waiting and then this shit...good job


Don't worry. Microsoft just installed additional spyware you can't delete from your PC anymore. 😉

to delet this folder "WindowsApps" i need permission from trustedinstaller...the owner of this folder is trustedinstaller itself. there is no regionblock...but i think there is an block active.

alt text

85 GB of data I can't delete after uninstalling the game.. This is unacceptable..

@RopeBunny33 Exactly the same issue here, I have 2 files in MutableBackup and I can't delete either of them...

same issue , i cant even delete because of permits . on MY OWN PC. what a joke . and no reply's from pso2 staff, thats what triggers me the most

You don't want to delete your entire Window's App folder, that can be a bad thing to do which is why it originally does not grant you permissions to do so.

Give me a moment and I will post some screenshots of what to do.

is it really that bad to delete? i mean, that folder was created along with pso2. also in a different drive.

there is an easy fix to that

sadly its a german site which explains how but im sure there is a english one too

just google the problem.

in case there is no english one for that here is the german one (the ui is the same for every windows 10 basically so just go with the pictures not the text in the Part 1. In order for you to know which is the First Part = it says Teil 1 at the beginning of the text and it ends after the pictures when it says Teil 2 (Part 2). Ignore Part 2 (Teil 2) since this has nothing to do with it.


Anyway to explain it short its about how to get the rights to show whats inside and to delete it, this is what you need for everything that has such issues.

BUT apparently they say if the folder is in your maindrive (most of the time called c) do NOT delete that Folder, only a Sub-Folder when you know its not System related.

I hope that helps some people here

EDIT: here is a how to in English you dont need to download anything just scroll a bit down and they explain how to do without downloading their tool http://www.minitool.com/data-recovery/delete-access-windowsapps-folder.html

I had the same problem, installed the game twice and my SSD was on the limit. You need to make yourself owner of the folder. Folder right click, properties, security tab, advance.
New window pops up, on the top, where you see "Owner:" click change, another window pops up, advance, find now, and search your user name for your PC. Accept the changes, click on the box to have files and folder inside that changed too. Now you need to "add" permission, so on the same advance settings window that you change owner, click on add, on the top "select principal", again advance, "find now", search for your user name, click on "Full control"

@SixthBulb630463 This worked guys. You need to change the permissions and then you can delete and reinstall. Thanks a bunch.

@SixthBulb630463 this worked thx a lot. RIP PSO2