Ships 4-6

I wanted to ask if any of you know when ships 4-6 are gonna come online - some friends and I were planning on starting a guild on a new server, but I see now that they're offline.

Probably won't be unless 1-3 are flooded with people on all the blocks

Sigh i too hoped for new ship to join fresh but nope fakkaa yoouu PC players it is i guess .-.

At this rate Ships 1-3 won't fill up because a big chunk of players are going to be sat at the ship select screen waiting for Ship 4 lol.

Yeaaaa half of ppl stuck on still downloading thanks to the fast servers kek another chunk stuck at forever erroring>redownloading loop kektimes two and yes some waiting at ship select RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE'ing like me for ship 4 to come online which at this rate wont .-.