Launcher updated itself, and now won't launch : lasterror 1813

Already deinstalled and redownloaded. Same issue as before. I can download all fine, then I get error nr. 104. The launcher updates itself (or do a restart) and bam. Same error as mentioned here. 🙂

@Decima yep its the same issue I've got

I've the same issue..Error 104...anyone know how to solve it.

@Decima can you change your language and region to english north america and test. I'm still downloading after

@Ragnador-GER Did that already. Same issue still present. too bad

Yeeees sure. Stating everywhere it has no region lock. And now ... that info was for beta only? Jokes aside but this is a banana-move. Anyway, was a good time with you all guys and girls.

@Senzury said in Launcher updated itself, and now won't launch : lasterror 1813: we were played

Please bear in mind that #PSO2NA is only available in USA & Canada.!



This is absolutely beautiful how they hyped it up that it has no region lock only to take it all back with one simple silly tweet.

soooo no PSO2 for European players... That's incredible.


You could still play it with a VPN but that would probably play like ass so I wouldn't even bother.

Same problem here. I'm from Brazil.

This shouldn't be a region lock issue because they did state that the game wouldn't be region locked. And yes, they explicitly said that, with all the letters. So for them to go and do that now is just scummy.

Anyone from NA having the same problem? That would confirm that this is a widespread issue instead of a regional one.

@Senzury said in Launcher updated itself, and now won't launch : lasterror 1813: we were played

Oh. So I guess they straight up lied to us.Thanks, Microsoft and SEGA. Not gonna bother with PSO2 again if I can't even play with my friends.

Ttryed VPN and look.... doesn't work as well, same error, this is not a problem of region lock! The game is not region lock, i can play normaly on xbox and are the same servers!


I can just assume how the Microsoft Store is handling those requests. The Microsoft Store is a heaping pile of garbage so I wouldn't be surprised that most people have issues due to the faulty store.