Launcher updated itself, and now won't launch : lasterror 1813

So, I'm in, finally. What I did, I just took the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j and C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin folders, switched ownership to my user account and gave full control permission to both my user account and administrators, to the entire file structure of both folders. Hope this works out for you people.

I tried one last time. Now I just uninstalled and deleted everything. Feels good to have 120 gb of duplicated folders back.

@Senzury hi im portuguese i finally couls enter but i had to do a could a couple of stuff to enter

1 - after download i changed the owner of the files to my user ( the otp_notice_na_rtf.rtf, on both and problably on pso2.exe u habe both too), theres guide to say how is done ( ah and also u problably u may need to change the on the windowsapp folder to acess it to)

2 - after that make sure your user has full control on it if dont add it, i also add it the admins user with full control just in case.

then launch the and for it checked the files so might take a while

after it made an error about direct x i just downloaded the direct june 2010 and worked just fine

but after that appeared another error:

"Vivoxsdk.dll is missing"

and theres the steps for these

Open PowerShell in admin

Copy this and press enter: cd "C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin"

note: change "C" for "D" or the disk where you installed the game

Copy this and press enter: Get-Acl pso2launcher.exe | Set-Acl pso2.exe

Copy this and press enter: Get-Acl edition.txt | Set-Acl otp_notice_na.rtf

i did all that and now i can play

Good luck for all

there is an more easier way

after you downloaded/installed the game and the error comes, just go into your windows app (Control Seetings-->Apps) look for PSO 2 (or Phantasy Star Online 2) click on Advanced Settings and click on Repair it will take some time (20-30minuts in most cases) once its done start the game again and it should patch and work, it worked for pretty much everyone i told this too.

The real problem starts once you press "No" when UAC shows up, because then you might be really f*d and need to reinstall completly since this game tends to remember the "No" forever. So dont do it ever

If you run into this error

Run Powershell as administrator

type these 3 lines one by one (if you installed in D instead of C just swap those two letters D:\Program Files etc).

cd "C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin"

Get-Acl pso2launcher.exe | Set-Acl pso2.exe

Get-Acl edition.txt | Set-Acl otp_notice_na.rtf

Then Start the launcher again and it should be working.

This post is deleted!

its not region locked. they clarified it a bit after that post, you just have to switch region in settings to us and thats it, once its finished downloading from the store you can set it back to whatever, its just so it shows up in your store.

Nice ! i was just reading this post and the twit and nobody talk about that, thanks you !