Documents folder transfer

Didn't feel like making a new thread, but I believe it's a curious one to talk/speculate about. (And finally, to 100% confirm all of it. When the server is up again.)

Just for those that played the JP version.

I assume you all seen the new "PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA" folder aside from JP's "PHANTASYSTARONLINE2" in your documents.

Now the interesting thing would be, which of the 3 folders/files are going to be compatible with one another.

  • Symbol Art folder and Cache. No reason to be believe this not to be 100% compatible between both PSO2 versions. Just copy paste the folder between the two and you should retain your SA's from the JP version. (Someone might have already confirmed this to be working with transferring it to the XBOX? A bit too many 'Symbol Art' entries in the Search option to go through it all.)

  • user.pso2. This file is rather interesting cause it saves your in-game option settings. No idea if PSO2NA has the exact same in-game settings as PSO2JP, cause I haven't played the NA version yet. But assuming they're identical? If so, this file would work as well. (I assume some would suspect this file to be bound to your account, that is not the case. Me and a friend interchanged the files between the 2 of us. His worked fine for me, and mine worked for him. Do note, it was of course PSO2JP for the both of us. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the saved login account within the file, which you can easily edit with a texteditor if need to.)

  • name-you-gave-it.mhp/fhp. I assume this one to be the most anticipated one for JP players. Your stored Character Appearance Data.

I remember reading someone mentioning that only a Pre-Episode 4 Character Data file would work. I have no idea, we only know that the NA version has its restrictions when it comes to Character Creation, so assuming this file not to be compatible. Maybe if your character doesn't exceed the 'limitations' of the NA version it might work, maybe not. To limit other interfering factors, best would be to make it with default/stock items, it shouldn't make any difference but just to be sure. And it would be nice if someone could check if Character Data files made in any of the previous Episodes might work. I sadly haven't kept any, lost a lot of stuff over the years. If we or someone could test 'every' possible file version and its numerous iterations, god be with you.

Not talking about JP accounts, characters and items. I know this forum all too well, the need for saying this.

Can confirm, Character Data Files 'works'. No errors in my case, even from the latest created Character Data files I made a hour ago on the JP version.

In my case, the height is correctly imported as well. The rest are just expected notifications for lacking certain missing 'items' either not present in the NA version and or because you haven't purchased them.

This is only tested and confirmed for Characters that originally did not exceed the 'restrictions' of the NA version.

We all already knew about the restricted not-below-150-cm. But I couldn't find anyone mentioning that importing a Character Data file above that height would work just perfectly fine. At least now I know.

EDIT: I remember reading someone claiming that even the 'max' height is off-limit. That's not the case. Importing the tallest possible character from JP works perfectly fine, no errors. And it did not change their height either.

Transfering user.pso2 works too. It applied all my settings from PSO2JP. (Except for key bindings.) Do note, your default language will be set to "Japanese" so you have to change it.

Putting JP's Symbol Arts in your NA's 'import' folder, allows for use in the NA version as well. Just have to import them in-game as well.