Game won't start after GameGuard

If anyone hasn't checked their antivirus try making sure it's not blocking it mine was and mine is working fine now after I turned it off and tried running it.

Holy mother! it works!! I'm in!

I feel like crying... All I did was installed it in my HDD drive instead of my SSD, and follow the reddit fix for .dll mising files Using powershell as admin

cd "D:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin"

first, then one line at the time

Get-Acl pso2launcher.exe | Set-Acl pso2.exe
Get-Acl edition.txt | Set-Acl otp_notice_na.rtf

EDIT :Closed the game by mistake, now stuck at the same thing... not launching after GameGuard...T_T

@EjinSmug theres a good chance it wont uninstall for you either. thats whats going on with me.

I GOT IN AFTER 13 hour of try and error but after uninstall 6 times I simply did one thing: disabling my anti-virus. When the download finish and you click on start game, disable your anti-virus and windows defender. I think nProtect have a hard time running resulting in crash which dont open the game at all.

Hope it help some out there who want to play the game.

P.S: I change the protection right to my user name for the document named ModifiableWindowsApp and change the security to control all for the 2nd one and the one under RESTRICTED dont know if it help me got in or not since everything I do, didnt resolve anything and I got the same thing the first post guy anyway over and over.


At this point, the game almost completely fits the definition of malware. The only part of the definition that it's missing is the deliberate part. How exactly could this have been such a massive blunder? It should have been a simple matter of a localization patch and throwing up some NA servers. Heck, the first part had already been done a couple of years ago by a group of fans. How does a AAA studio filled with employees, many of whom hold bachelor's degrees and probably make 80k a year screw up what a group of neckbeard otakus had already done for nothing good boy points and maybe donations to fund their hot pocket and anime figurine budget?

oh god so you're on the "lets be PSO2 support, as they clearly have none themselves" bandwagon. I've been doing the same thing experimenting with different drives, folders, ownerships etc but it hasn't gotten me very far other than a good knowledge of how to clear my own system.

Maybe try, just for kicks, clearing the contents of the windowsapps offender folders but not delete the folders themselves, then drop Microsoft's permission to even access those specific folders and try another install ?

From what I gather its simply the way Microsoft tries to keep ownership of their files and the way the PSO launcher/installer deals with it. Because the oxyna/mutables etc folders aren't simply replicas. Some are logo folders, some contain system files, some contain netguard (thanks windows) and then the PSO2 launcher sees multiple folders and pastes copies of the game into each one.

It's no wonder that Steam/solo launchers are the only way people release these days, with the pathetic way companies like Microsoft treat files.

Alternatively, maybe try downloading the installer and then moving/fixing the initial install/folders before downloading the full client?

@PhukJC89 One thing you'll learn is that a small group of neckbeards has been trumping big companies since the dawn of MMO's.
Look to Skyrim, look to Fallout, look to every MMO ever (specially WoW). Virtually every quality of life improvement and addition that MMO's have released have been thought of and created by neckbeards.

Quest trackers, party finders, gear scores (ew), dps meters, graphical patches/improvements.... It's almost all created by and improved by players.

Most games spend more time in their own way than improving things. The fixes and support for these issues have been no different. Neckbeards have been scrubbing this mess from people's computers, meanwhile the company is silent and useless as ever.

probably the reason why square enix doesn't have final fantasy 14 with microsoft anymore.

To uninstall the game, Open PowerShell as Admin and paste in this command

Get-AppxPackage -Name "100B7A24.oxyna" | Remove-AppxPackage -AllUsers

It does take a bit of time and it's not instant but this should help others having issues not uninstalling

I have tried just about everything on this thread and other threads and nothing works. I had this issue and tried messing with everything I could think of the last day and a half and then I reinstalled my OS and now I can play the game just fine. So it may be a bit extreme but figured I would post what made it work for me here.

Yeah, another person here that was playing the game just fine (launched a few time in between figuring out it didn't like certain settings). And now nothing past the GameGuard...

I just want to feed my MAG lol

My suggestion would be to go to the microsoft store app, click "talk to an expert" and as soon as a chat bot opens up just type "real agent" or "real person". Rather than listen to them blather on, simply state what the game files did, how they duplicated, how much space they are taking up, and how you feel.

And just basically say that dudes response doesn't mean anything, and their actions do, but in a nice way. Basically "I don't need to hear anything, my respect/future purchases will be decided based upon the actions taken by the respective companies to solve this issue".

The guy i spoke to was very understanding and eager to hear what I had to say. I doubt anything will be done but its worth the 5 minutes; And threatening company pockets is pretty much the path to success in 2020 cause respect doesn't mean much. You can't really appeal to your needs and expect them to do anything; Rather you have to threaten their future business. You may think it doesn't add up but they'll realize when 100 people are messaging them with this and "threatening" to forward the information, they take notice.

This is very bad PR for both companies. So if you like you can also contact games journalism companies. Most of them likely won't post negative articles just to help gamers, but its worth a shot.

Microsoft is the company with a face and name here, and Microsoft has much more stake in the game, with much less to gain out of the deal. They'll be the first to act, if anyone.

I'll be forwarding this so just ignore it if you see it in other threads.

It's happening to me too. The only way to launch this game is by using a VPN which for now I'm using Proton VPN if you want to use a free one. Even with this on though there's a 50% chance you can launch and not crash.

just check is wsappx is doing something in the background. on a ssd it takes sometimes around 4 minutes to complete the uninstall. many people start the install process while they uninstalling and this is creating issues. lile the pso2_bin slowly getting smaller then getting bigger again after reaching 0mb. ... while you try to start the game (looks like nothing is happening) - you only see a white bar under pso2 in the start menu. And if you dont wait for the uninstall process to be finished the backup folder creates a new folder and the old one wont be deleted ...