Game won't start after GameGuard

Finally got the game to run after another install and log in, but no sound at all. Tempted fate and logged out to fix that, now the game wont launch.

I think thats enough aggravation one day.

Okay I'm in. I had to do 3 things: 1. set up an XBox account cause I had none, 2. Perform a full uninstall and reinstall, and 3. Forcibly claim ownership of the game folder and execute as administrator, as suggested by others above. Now I'm at least up to Character Creation. So... yay progress...

@Tigris1701 What did you run as administrator? As in you right clicked something and ran as administrator?

@RashStatue4345 going into the Start menu, find the game, right click, select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

(apologies for the delay. I spent an hour in character customization. As I usually do. 😉 )

I'm afraid to re-install again to follow those steps because each time it leaves behind 60 gb of leftover,hard to delete files. Sounds like its only worked for 3 people in this thread?

Let me find the article we were summing it up on. Gimme a minute

So this is from the comment thread where we basically figured out the issue (NOT A FIX, just some understanding).

The extra game clients (the 60gbs you can't find) is in a folder called Oxyna. It's a hidden folder in your program files (not x86)

Originally from me - The folder you're looking for is in the hidden "Windowsapps" folder in "Program files". I didn't copy out the whole thing but you're looking for the one(s) that says Oxyna on it. In order to get into and actually modify those folders you're going to need to know how to change administration settings, ownership of folders and that sort of thing; And i'm not really willing or able to write it all out here (with a little research anyone can do it). However the path you're looking for is : C : , Program Files , Windowsapps -> Oxyna. Delete the full Oxyna folder once you have the permission/ownership and it will remove the entirety off your computer. There might be multiple Oxyna folders, but most if not all should be in your WindowsApps folder.

Do beware though, I deleted 200gb+ of PSO2 duplicate files off my computer that were installed invisibly. The only reason I noticed was because my laptop warned me I was low on space. Little did I know I had like 5 copies of illegitimate PSO2 client files on my PC.

It is likely downloading full game clients onto your system in those folders though, and possibly multiple times. Keep going at your own risk. OR head to Microsoft Store and give them a nice review for what they are doing to all of our computers right now while making no response or effort to acknowledge that there is even an issue.

@Mikisiw201 said :

C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j

Those are the pathways for 3 folders that has the game, one of them can be accessed by you(First one), but the two others are locked by window store's premissions, but that can be changed back to you by using right click on them then properties. You can then change the owner under security tab and advanced, you add your name in the writing box and find name, yours will pop up, you select it then you apply the changes. Once that is done, you can now delete those files. The reason of this is because window store made everything unmodificable, so they are the one that will do update to the game which is the case for most games in window store and such hence why all permissions are usually under "TrustedInstaller", although, Saga made the game with a personal launcher and patcher, hence the patcher see himself in 3 different folders, he will add every file to every folder he sees. In short, that is a poor concept from both Microsoft and Saga. In short, the fix for Saga that they would do is that their dedicated updater would only apply all changes to one folder, the first one in the list above while microsoft moves their main pathway to that first one while deleting the two others off the user's computer.

And lastly do a check for MutableDuplicates. It'll be just under your Mutable folder and if it exists it will also contain files.

This way at least you guys can install and uninstall it without worrying about it tanking your computer. I can clear the folder quickly and reinstall/play again pretty quickly, but stopped after the second time i fixed it out of sheer annoyance at the Silence of Sega and the disgusting way the app is interacting with people's computers (based on its interaction with MStore).

That being said, This is a way you can continue the install/uninstall/play cycle going and get a few hours in at least. I am just gonna wait for them to patch it.

Followed everything @AccelShift did to a T and still no dice. Having the exact same problem as them, get GameGuard and tiny PSO2 splash after clicking Start Game and the processes just disappear.

Same, nothing after gameguard and tiny pso2 splash

From The roughly 15 hours that I have spent troubleshooting my own gameguard errors and scanning old reddit / pso worl / tweaker forums here is what I have learned,

pso2 split between multiple folders...i recall during early tweaker days there was a client issue that it would duplicate file downloads and break game

multiple game guard folders, related to issue 1.

windows firewall must be enabled for xbox live services to work, this is required at character selection

the tweaker had multiple gameguard issues, eventually fixed by aida...

gameguard does not seem to start at game launch. the more background processes i close the longer the game stays running - always breaks at title screen with error NP0 -- gameguard not running. i believe the issue lies within gameguard running as a service. i dont know the answer, im really pissed and just want to play the dang game, but i launcher is stabilized, and the shadow files can be dealt of these times ill get to log into title screen before gameguard crash!

Yet, on friends' machines the game runs perfectly fine and they've been on all day. Just praying we get something of a fix overnight.

@HERO-KING5291 yeah, same, I got a friend that's already playing, and waiting for me, 😞

I just moved, and packed my xbox, expecting to play on my gaming laptop after the move, now it looks like I may have to prioritize unpacking my xbox, Thank you Microsoft, 🙄

i'm starting to think that mayyyybe the fix is to install the game on something that isnt C : (like alternate storage), my boyfriend was able to install it and get it 100% working on his first try because he installed it on his HDD

@TizArrior5564 I primarily install things on my HDD, because I like to keep my SSD for strictly the OS and other essentials.