Game won't start after GameGuard

Ok so gameguard with the game is not crashing when i start it without tweaker nor MStore. So idk what exactly is causing the crash when i use the USER Login launch. In other words when it says NO USER it doenst crash but when it says the user it crashes....?

@SkinnySkerper @Fezix93 Good call folks! Same thing here, closed it and was able to get in just fine 🙂

Ok, so to start, I've seen numerous install issues with this awesome game and after a full OS re-install I was able to play for a few hours. Then I stepped away, comp went to sleep, come back, start game, game guard starts with pso2 splash and then the game processes end like a lot of others are saying in this thread.

But then, suddenly, here comes the unintentionally amazing @Franklin345 noting a change in the graphics settings from virtual full-screen to windowed and now, somehow... PSO2 starts up just fine.

Its worth giving a shot till they fix it next patch day, which is only what... a digital eternity from now, so like 2 weeks or something so try and have some fun with it until they break it again then!

throughout my PSO2 JP career, on my personal rigs virtual full screen setting has always been spotty. Just change window size to correct resolution for your monitor. The X in top right is only slightly annoying, but i have gotten used to the windowed game 🙂

So PSO2 Tweaker was updated recently to and it includes the ability to launch the game from the Tweaker instead of from the MS store. This eliminated my lag problems entirely. It seems the lag issues are entirely being caused by the MS store. Hopefully Sega will patch this in the coming weeks so that the PC version is at least ON PAR with the xbone game.

Tweaker game still crahes

Still a problem, remove cuckguard already and replace it with a real anticheat whose logic isnt: If noone can play in the first place, then noone can cheat.

Still relevant.

After working fine for a week my game is now dead again. Haven't changed anything; don't even get the splash screen now.

Just wsappx.exe spinning one core of my CPU and one of my HDDs and nothing.

EDIT: And now the windows store wants me to reinstall the whole game. The "if your game isn't working please run it as administrator and check that your hand drive is big enough" message they've added is honestly insulting.

OKAY! I have no idea what is going on.. I played when it first came out on PC. I reinstalled it, now on the same PC no changes. Gameguard hits me with an error non stop? Initialization fail (Error code 114) . Yes I have done all the suggested steps. Please, think of using something other then gameguard.

Publishers still cling to the outdated notion that GG stops cheaters, when really the worst offenders just find workarounds.

I'm honestly looking for a bypass to GG now just to be able to play the game, because my PC keeps launching skype in the background and when it does, GG triggers off and crashes the game so hard that windows can't even be shut down properly anymore. It's godawful!

Sometimes it isn't even skype relaunching that kills it, sometimes I can just be playing and it decides my controller is offensive, I use a Steam Controller, and sometimes it works just fine, and sometimes I get about 10 minutes of game play before I'm kicked and have to unplug my PC from the power to get to play again because the game doesn't run anymore on the same boot cycle and GG crashing my game prevents the PC from restarting, it just hangs on the restarting screen!

Btw PSO 2 is still crashing after 30 min exact.

If you run an antivirus, be sure to put your PSO2 folder as an exception. I also had issues with the game not launching after GG happening. It turns out it was my antivirus stopping the PSO2.exe from launching and moving it into the virus chest. Defs make sure to sort out that antivirus. ❤

Well I can't really say that I had any trouble but then again my computer 💻 blew up last year and it has Windows XP so even if it did still work the PC version of PSO2 wouldn't be an option for me so I am content with the Xbox one version