Game won't start after GameGuard

Still very much relevant as cuckguard throws a hissy fit and crashes pso2 despite there being no service or program running that interacts with it (and it doesnt even have the decency to have a log file to say what program is fucking its wife).

@Andele3025 Precisely that. It pops up this url any ideas? This is the only opscale thats preventing me of playing this game for hours. Amazing.

So, due to the PSO2 tweaker bots being able to read the cuckguard log files, i found something out, the cuckshit program believes its running on Win8 thus crashing (despite it being v10.0.18363 of Win10 Pro).

I'm still having this issue with the tweaker. I press Launch, the tweaker minimizes, and the game never opens. I just tried once more and just got a PSO2 tweaker error for the first time.

@ShikiPerry Perfect! I am happy to help.

Seriously, Steam client when?

@PSYCOMMUnist Never. Microsoft bought the rights to NA and that costs aaallll lot of moeny. Soo yeah not gonna happen.

@OddCrown oof yeah but they dont brick PCs everyone factory resting their PCs I've never had to do that on any mmo I've played it even locks you out from system restoring

Hm , fun thing , i just changed my window settings and game opened , so just try that ? ? idk put it to window mode or so

My friend was having the gameguard problem. In the tweaker he set the game to launch in windowed mode and it worked just fine like Franklin said.

Even the MS launcher crashes

@kina5168 Nope still crashes super fast after the logo. Not the tweaker, not disabling everything anti virus related, disabling firewall, restarting the pc 3 times, reinstall 4 times now, using all troubleshooting from the tweaker, downloading it in the OS HD, what else, disabling audio programs, even uninstalling anti virus. Literally everything and the game still crashes.

You can switch it back to borderless once you launch it with windowed mode. I think they may have gotten some help from Bethesda's coders with this NA PC client.

If your game doesn't start using the tweaker, make sure to go into graphic settings and select the monitor to run it on aswell as fill out all blank options. Apparently if the game doesn't know which monitor to run on, it just shuts down.