Game won't start after GameGuard

i can't seem to fix this issue, my game won't start after the gameguard splash , and i honestly don't know what to do naymore

@SixthBulb630463 I actually had the companion logged in and running before I opened the game but for some reason the two software did not recognize each other.

anyone seen if the tweaker works for this? i don't get any errors or anything for gameguard so its really hard for me to know what to do even remotely..... atm can't test it my self at work just curious if its worked for anyone

@Tigris1701 Found a solution for the lag! go to pso2_bin folder rename the pso2launcher to keep it as backup, like "-pso2launcher" copy the pso2 file in another folder like gameguard folder, rename that pso2 file to "pso2launcher" then cut it back on the main pso2_bin folder. That bypasses the launcher, straight into gameguard splash, I'm having zero lag in the lobby now.

Also another thing I did, so don't know which was it that fixed it, but based on comments, the one above.

go to windows settings> system>display>graphic settings> universal app> select phantasy star online and put it in high performance.

Update: PSO2 Tweaker has helped get around the latest reason that the game wasn't starting up. It reset GameGuard and after another download it is working again!

If you're running Avast Premium like I am, I figured out my problem. With Avast Premium running, the initial download would finish. Upon hitting Play, Avast would lock down the launcher, and the game. After adding exceptions, Phantasy Star would error out, and claim that it can't patch. It then reboots the game launcher, and patches the game anyway. After this finishes, Phantasy Star Online 2 won't launch. It goes through the motions of launching, but then, nothing.

I fixed this issue by disabling all of Avast's functions. The installation/download went smoothly, and I was able to proceed with the game. (Requires full uninstall/re-install)

I'm assuming that this works with other anti-virus as well. Just add individual exceptions after patching, if the game still refuses to launch.

Other than that, you may have the incorrect region set to your launcher. Go into the launcher's options, and check.

I use the tweaker launcher and the game still didn't load past gameguard so I closed Alienware fx and the Alienware sound center and after that it worked.

@Riku316 said in Game won't start after GameGuard:

nd the Alienware sound center and after that it worked.

My Hero.

I have an Alienware laptop and these applications were running. Couldn't figure out what was going wrong and shutting down all the Alienware apps through Task Manager solved it. I'm now in the game.

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hmmm i decided to try the tweaker, so i uninstalled the game and got it and installed the game through the tweaker, after doing so and downloading the full game on the tweaker i went to start the game and its now making me download it again on the official launcher....... idk if i did something wrong or not, but i set up the data directory as pso2_bin like it said, so i'm not sure whats wrong....

Gameguard has conflict issues with the audio program Nahimic 2. Exit Nahimic 2 from your task bar to prevent GameGuard from torpedoing PSO2 on startup.

I just posted this as a new topic, but I'm posting it here as well for consistency.

@Fezix93 ooo i do have nahimic 2 so i'll give that a try! once i have the game downloaded again DX

Turning off Nahimic 2 fixed it for me. Much appreciation.

@SixthBulb630463 So tried the launcher rename replacement thing. No effect. How are you launching the game after this replacement?

On the PSO2 Tweaker: It does a much more elegant job of changing the game folder permissions over to being owned by you that me doing it my way so I give them credit. Also... funnily enough... it found that the download install was missing files and downloaded them. Hmmmmmmmmm....

Thank you for the step-by-step on setting the high performance mode. Will try that next time I log in. 👍

I finally got it to work! So for those who are experiencing the problem where there are no error codes but the game does not actually launch after pressing the "play" button, it is because either the launcher or the Microsoft Store does not actually install ALL of the necessary files to run the game. I also have proof that the game works on partitions that are not your main partition (C: drive or partition with Windows OS) because I am running everything through my "D" drive (secondary drive). So it turns out there are about 23 files that were not downloaded through the regular process and that is why (for example pso2.dll or something I forget the name). I used the tweaker and ran a troubleshoot (the new one) and it installed 23 files for me and you have to be patient even after pressing "start" because it takes a few minutes for the executable to actually pop back up with the game.


By the way Ship 2 is always full...