Game won't start after GameGuard

Hi fellow Arks, Downloaded the game fine, launcher appears fine, but when I press START GAME red button the game won't start. I get the loading screen for Game Guard but after that nothing happens. I've tried changing settings like start in window mode or full screen, and the option to start with DirectX or without. Is that because of the launch time, normally on JP if servers were on Maint. you could still start the game. Thanks for your help!

I have the same issue. I'm assuming its because of the server updates for now.

@OddCrown If its the case then I am not affected by it,which sounds strange to me. I see a lot of people have various issues trying to launch the game though,I wonder what is happening.

That's what I thought originally OddCrown, but then I see people already on the ship selection screen. Had no errors during install nor download. It just won't load at all.

Yea I'm not going to lie i'm in the process of re-downloading it. I wouldn't put anything passed any MMO on launch day. Almost every MMO has issues on release, even if its just location based.

Half way through 2nd install, did 2 file check first but everything seemed ok.

Same shit for me, still nothing happens. I guess i'll not worry about it until after launch is officially live.

Something to try as I had to figure out a software issue. Go to system > display > advanced scaling settings. Once in there, turn it off. See if that maybe works as windows does something weird to the resolution and it may be crashing the game.

attempted that, nothing going. It's no sweat for me either way. I'll just go back to FF14 until they decide to fix their shit; Or more likely until one of you find a fix for their shit. MMO's are always like this on release. Is getting kind of old to be honest.

i am 100% unable to launch, I click start game, little tiny window appears for 1.5 seconds goes away, and then nothing happens, download went fine, have ran file checker. no luck at all

at lest you guys can redownload the game I have not even been able to download it once let alone twice lol

@EjinSmug Yea but we have redownloaded and it still doesn't work. All i'm doing now is messing with my PC Redownloading nonsense that won't work anyway. At least your PC is free from 100g's of completely unusable space waste 😁

Has to be assumed on release day anyway. MMO's have a giant history of failing every time they release; Why should PSO2 be any different, haha.

do I here another maintenance bell off in the distance? hehe

So as an update, 2nd install, tried what MageMagus said about the scale and nothing happened. Click Start Game, GameGuard comes up downloading data, then authentication once is done, nothing runs. On task manager PSO2 just stops running.

On the Feature settings there's a tab for "if you experience issues with the graphics or the game will not start, select Direct3D 9ex" the only option is "Do not use Direct3D 9ex" tried both, still nothing.

People in Discord is saying to use the Tweaker. So i will give that a try

Let us know how that goes. I'm not downloading anything above and beyond the game client regardless, but will be interesting to know.