Why does Game create a folder I do not have permission to access? That is awfully suspicious action.

I downloaded game. Put it on secondary HD on pc. Like I do with everything I scanned it with antivirus. Anti Virus could not gain access to scan it. I tried to manually open folder. It would refuse me access saying I do not have permission. Before you say it I am on a adman account I should have access to everything. So I feel its awfully suspicious you download a 11gb game and it wont let you or antivirus have access to it.

omg we have the same problem also do you also get this when starting the game from the microsoft store?6c0ce131-5987-4a40-9ebc-9e04a3a3a0b4-image.png

No Game just freezes. when I launch at splash screen.

server is not live yet but dang u lucky

Still though they should at least let you anti virus scan it.

@DarkKiaser this is normal for the windows 10 store.. all the store apps go into a protected directory, its intended to protect against tampering, universal windows apps are quite crap in their security means, also it only protects against efforts by the most ham fisted of idiots, thats not a dig against you, XD I just realized how that might have sounded, I mean that its a bs way to lock down files

@DarkKiaser if it really bothers you that much you can gain access to the directory and all subdirectories by simply changing the ownership permissions on the root folder, but I do not recommend this as it will likely cause issues