[PC] Client Localization is in JP not ENG

Not sure how this happened or why, but after downloading/installing from the store the base launcher is in Japenese and not English.

Should i just let this continue to update, fresh install or will i be able to change launcher localization some how ?

Just replying to let you know you're not alone, and I had the same thing happen. I'm trying a clean re-download of the client and I'll let you know if that did the trick. Might take a while, since my connection's a bit on the slow side, so hopefully you get a better answer in the meantime ^ ^

Thanks. I waited out the download and that left the client as JP. So like you i'm also trying a clean install now.

To fix the JP client issue: Open Notepad as Admin. Open the edition.txt in Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_binfile Change jp to na Save and relaunch.

Thanks! If the re-download doesn't automatically fix it, I'll try that. Strange that some people are getting it with the JP config set in the first place, but at least it seems like it can be easily swapped back!

Redownload won't fix it. It happened to me on 5 redownloads. This is what fixed it for me.

@Malzian5195 Thanks for another work around. Thankfully re-downloading worked for me though.