Failed to Download file. Unable to succesfully update to the latest version.

the full text of the message: failed to download file. Unable to succesfully update to the latest Version. please check to see if the file is read-only. C:/Programfiles/ Windowsapps/mutable/100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j/pso2.exe (No. 104)

When you load the launcher, does it bring up a UAC windows with yes/no. If not, you have to run it as an admin.

I have the same Problem, but my Launcher wont start, i get this message before i can do anything

i closed the launcher and tried to open it as an admin, but now there is a new rerror: C:/Programfiles/Windowsapps/mutable/100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j/otp_notice_na.rtf (LAstError: 1813)

Yeah, I guess its because the servers will open in few hours

Hi, i've got the same error as Dr Hoch. Except i installed the game on another drive.

If you use some third party anti-virus, might be a good idea to check if that has blocked anything.

One I'm still using for whatever reason, it tried to block pso2startup.exe cause it thought it was some virus. To be exact this happened when I tried opening the game/client after initial download was done(11GB~). Though it didn't seem to try stop anything straight away since it still opened/started.

drive\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin\pso2startup.exe (thats what it tried to "quarantine"/block)

Though still downloading rest of game files from game client, so dunno if I'm out of weird issue woods yet. >.> (seems to be using most of my DL speed, and ye, thanks for not giving option to limit its DL speed...)

Same Error (LAstError: 1813) with the same message and even tho i don't even have the game installed on the C drive.

Try to restart the pc and wait for store to update the game again

Same issue here and I have it on 😧 - Is the game actually already launched? Or does this error perhaps mean it is still in preperation? I heard it starts at 8am (which was 3 hours ago). But maybe it starts later?

Game launches in 2h 45 mins so this error might be because that or something else.

Servers are down for maintenance, maybe that includes the content servers

Hey I had the 1813 error with the rtf file notice as well and when I rebooted the win10 store decided the install was corrupted so I have to reinstall the whole game now. Good luck everyone.

Some extra info: It was on my D drive, It was looking for files on C still, It got corrupted towards the end of the second batch of the 90k+ download in the launcher itself.

Some people on reddit says it works when you are logged in on your Microsoft account and start it from store, but doesnt work for me.

this error is known by the publishers.... they re working on it