PC: Error 106, reinstalling onedrive fixed it. Now at Error 1813

So after downloading the 11ish GB of the preload (Having chosen a secondary (NOT C:) drive as installpath) I try to run it to get the actual patch running but I get hit by this thing: onedrivewut.png

Onedrive isn't installed, and I can't type this path into the file explorer cause it doesn't exist apparently...

Anyone got any idea of how to solve this?


I removed onedrive through powershell, and didn't get this error.

Using this, I got onedrive removed. ps onedrive | Stop-Process -Force start-process "$env:windir\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe" "/uninstall"

After unistalling the game, reboot system and then reinstall it I'm getting this instead:pso2filepath.png

onedrive is microsoft's cloud storage that is included free on every copy of windows 10, its probably trying to write to it because of some broken registry entry, you can force one drive to work if its broken by reinstalling it from here https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=2121808&clcid=0x409&culture=en-us&country=US or through the windows store

Thanks, I did reinstall it as it broke another game when I deleted it...

As of now, I'm getting the classic 1813 problem. I have the game installed on a drive that isn't C:, but it's complaining about Otp stuff now in 😄 well, its been sent in as a ticket from alot of people from the looks of it, so there should be a fix coming.

: D well at least we got that far

anyone managed to fix error 1813? or is it just that we have to wait for the patch? My friends managed to log into the ship select screen and start up the game already.

Some are saying it's because we installed the game on a drive other than 😄
But having the option of choosing a different drive than the OS drive, then fucking us over because of it... ye nice move lol Jokes aside, no proper fix has been seen as of right now. Tickets have been sent from several people so there should be something going on.

i've tested it, i've downloaded the game each time on a 2 diffrent hard drives, that doesn't change anything

@Shion9935 can doubly confirm, installed on C and D, made no difference

i made it past the error then another error occured with the exe file, same solution. Its a access permission problem.

go to the file, if you dont have the rights to access the windowsapps folder look at https://youtu.be/lEB9_JCaqFY?t=102 right click the file properties, security, edit at groups and users and add your user to it so it can access the file, do the same with the pso2.exe since it will be the same for it.

But now it cant find te vivoxsdk.dll, this filesystem rocks lol.

@B34th0v3n not work 😞

Ive read on the PSO2 Twitter page that for the 1813 error, verify you are logged in with your Windows ID account, or create a new one.

i gave the permission still not working for me btw the game is now installed on the C drive

All permissions seem to be in order.. still stuck on 1813..