PC version: Microsoft Store does not allow me to select the HDD that I know has space on it

I am trying to download the game from the microsoft store and it only allows me to select my SSD which I mostly use for the OS. On my wife's computer she is allowed to select either her SSD or her HDD. We use the same make and models for them. Would anyone have an idea why this would be. I literally have not had any software refuse to install on my HDD before.

I don't know what the problem could be. I was able to use my SSD, which had 140GB free or my HDD, which had around 300GB free. I just installed it on my SSD, since that should help it load faster.

if the extra drive you have on your machine is formatted with an nonactive mbt partition it can cause the microsoft store to refuse to install apps there, try reformatting the drive and assigning a logical GPT pratition



While formatting my HDD was definitely NOT an option, I did manage to shrink the currently existing volume and create / format a new partition on the remaining space. This really should not be a requirement, however it did allow for the game to download onto the physical drive. So basically now I have a partition made exclusively for PSO2.

: D at least you can play now, and yes I agree, I don't know why microsoft coded it this way