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bump, sugar booger, snot rot.

double decker pecker wrecker @AyeSappii

beep boop

beep boop

bump...looking for more active chill people to join our ranks!

bump, added a few more details to description


Just here to flex

Bump~ fast growing alliance!

@LordDeathsSouls accepted~ hit me up.

bump- still recruiting!!

616702071428874241.png LF Active monkeys

bump~ over 70 members strong highly active

Bump~ howdy doody

Hey there, would you guys mind 3 new people? me and a few long time friends are looking for a casual guild. We are all in our mid 20s+ so no drama or anything 🙂

It would prolly just be me joining at first, and then my 2 friends later once they log in lol. We are all fairly new to Pso2 but have always strive for gearing, clearing content and group play.