[Ship 2] <Burly> [community focused] - (DISCORD)(Returning Players Welcome)(NGS READY)

<Burly> - (NA) English Speakers Only


*Just about ALL time zones!

  • Recruiting all players new & old🐵

Daily Groups for all content of the game.

  • Active Alliance- Looking for active players🐵

  • People on at almost any given time

  • Looking to do all content🐵

  • No Snowflakes🐵

  • Laid back & Chill community 🐵

  • Some Experienced players!🐵

Interested in Joining? : PM me on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace#9889

🐒 We don't care to RUSH to end-game🐒

Sent Someone a message already?

-Have your Player ID ready!

-This can be found by:

  • Going In-game

  • Hit ESC

  • Click Personal

  • PID GUIDE.png

We are a group of really good friends who are looking for all walks of gamers. We are run by two very headstrong, straightforward leaders and know exactly who we want to be a part of the little gang we are building to take over the gaming world.



Toxicity will NOT be tolerated towards one another nor other players within the game and will be handled with swiftness. Although our guild is very open to all sorts of humor we ask that you as a human being, take responsibility for your actions and know when enough is enough.

🦍 Discord🦍

Discord is NOT a must but is definitely nice to have new faces around and we want to meet you all. As our guild has originated from Black Desert Online we have an open community within our discord but, have our own special section for Phantasy star online 2 so you will not be flooded with messages.

Our discord is a community with all sorts of types of humor, memes, shit posting. Our discord is not for you to advertise yourself as a streamer or content creator. Share some memes with us 😰

🦍 Guild Expectations🦍

  1. Help out fellow alliance members.
  2. Step up for responsibility if needed.

We hope you choose us as your new home if even for the slightest bit.

Interested in Joining? PM on discord Sappii#8397 OR Vhersace#9889



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something of a small bump

sent an application, ign KK, played jp since day 1, stopped at ep4 and started again after et/ph, this looks comfy so im interested

@dinoy7827 said in [Ship 2] <Burly> Recruiting players both new and old!:

sent an application, ign KK, played jp since day 1, stopped at ep4 and started again after et/ph, this looks comfy so im interested

Gotcha bud.


this is another bump


Still recruiting, don't fall for the bait of the frail. JOIN BURLY!

@AyeSappii Sent a Discord request

@AyeSappii I have sent a discord request

got you guys added

Smaller alliance looking for a home to merge into? hit me up for merge details also!