Changes to the UI of Emergency Code events

Hello! I am a long-time fan of PSO1, and I only recently played PSO2 for the first time. I love it, but there are some things that concern me.

Mainly, is the GUI for Emergency Code event notifications. I feel like the notification is excessive, immersion breaking, and distracting(it covers the entire screen! lol). I think the quest reward notification is a bit invasive as well. A couple friends of mine, who watched me while I streamed, also pointed this out.

My suggestion is adding a setting to disable the notification for Emergency Code events(GUI only or GUI and audio), and the same for the quest reward notification GUI. I think also an opacity slider may be a good solution for the Quest reward notification GUI. To be quite frank, I think you may find more success in western audiences if you disable the GUI for EC events by default.

Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately the game has been around for 8 years in Japan and they never removed it there, so its unlikely we will get a different treatment, there aren't even mods to disable it >_>

It's technically invasive / immersion breaking to see some NPC's head in the upper left for events, since you don't have some sort of holophone of a sort. Let's just say everyone has a HUD/UI in their vision or something.