PC HYPE! How far behind in content are we from JP?

So I'm super excited to be playing this on PC when it launches early morning tomorrow! I was just curious as to what Episodes are available at launch currently for us? Is the Hero class available, etc? I played JP for years on and off, but couldn't really get into it as much as I wanted due to the some things being translated and some not. Can't wait to fully DEEP DIVE into PSO2! 😄

Episode 3, No hero ATM. We may be within 2 months away from phantom. Still a lot of content missing, no better ways of obtaining SG.

Maybe by the end of the year well be fully caught up.

@ERICK001BC Oh ok cool! But wait, didn't Hero come before Phantom? Are you saying we'll get Hero very soon or Episode 4 and 5 sooner within a few months? I'm not sure what the update schedule is that's planned for our version.

There were rumors that episode 4 might be released by the end of the summer. I know they want people to catch up with the story which is why they want to reward everyone done with them before the June Update. I guess they may release it mid June or mid July. I do think Hero came first but Phantom is the one more people are waiting for and Scion. But Super Hard Advance quest with lvl 50 trigger are the hardest dif atm, so we still haven't received the harder stuff. As for Arks quest/League we only got 2 of 4. Last UQ was Luther, but not the JP varient one that was more difficult.

@ERICK001BC Sounds exciting! Least this time I can fully get into the story now too! Thanks for the info! ^^

I played Phantasy Star Universe on PS2/PC servers for over 6 years before it died. Man I miss that game lol.


No problem, I am def enjoying it a lot more now that I can fully understand the story and lore of it, instead of always looking for translations. I am playing on ship 1 but they may open ships 4-6. I know a lot of players form JP are going to hop on ship 2.

Any other questions feel free to ask. Enjoy.

@ERICK001BC said in PC HYPE! How far behind in content are we from JP?:

Last UQ was Luther, but not the JP varient one that was more difficult.

The JP game did 'had' this version as well. It was released as end-game boss for Episode 2 back then. The ones which is currently in loop in JP is the Elder/Luthor duo & Omega version. But we definitely had the original as well in JP, with Apos Dorios & Apostle Dritzer.

(Maybe I've been dreaming, but I might have seen the original come by as well at least once this year as unscheduled EQ/UQ.)

@ErinXh Yeah that was the one I was referring to. Thank you for clearing that up.