This release seems to be an XBOX play anywhere rather than a PC release

Does that mean that we will be required to subscribe to the xbox live to access to the "online content" ?

XBOX Play Anywhere means PC too.

Compare to other games like Gears of War 4.

Alternatively, scroll down a little, on the left there is an "Available on" listing which now includes PC for PSO2.

An XBOX Play Anywhere title just means that it is available on XBOX One and PC and uses the same files as each other. It is still counted as PC on an actual Windows 10 computer, but it does NOT require XBOX Live for a Play Anywhere title on PC.

@FatedKeiryu You'll be fine with just pc and no xbox live subscription. No problems to cross play.

I was worried about that as well, but when I went to download the game it says it's for PC as well.

@NekoLilly Yep, It also ask you if you would like to link your accounts if you already have made an xbox character/account.

@ERICK001BC Sadly no Xbox, yet. It's hopefully something we'll get soon.

@NekoLilly I mean you don't need to link it for the PC. Just was saying if you had already played during the xbox release before the PC, it lets you cross play.