Auxiliary creation bug

Trying to make an aux for my new char. Wanted to make a tiny robot ranger guy. No matter what height he is, (including max height) it tells me my aux has an "illegal height" - too short when it's clothes are off. Wtf. He's a blocky little guy, never even intended to take his armor off. >.<* please help.

Are you able to put a different outfit on him that works? You can basically use any outfit.out/ba/in on your aux but I am guessing this is happening before the full creation is completed?

@ERICK001BC for whatever reason, it worked. Same clothes, same name, minimum height, same class. And yes, the prompt came up before cc was done, right after naming. Segac will be segac I guess. Thanks for attempting to help. See you out there, fellow Arks!


Glad it worked out. Have fun and enjoy your aux!