[Ship 3] Sanctuary Recruiting PC Players! (with Discord)

@PlaidDeshawnK @lelandi I've sent you both the links to our Discord 🙂 See you soon!

Hello I would like to join owo

Heya, Im pretty new to the game and still learning the ropes, but I would like to join anyway o.o~

Ainsel#3177 on Discord.

sent links. thanks!

Hey, I just started and am interested in joining. Discord is JustOneSparrow#7679

Interested in joining. Discord is Camilo#3997.

sent you both links!

Hi! New player here looking for a community, am almost online everyday. My discord is Crimsify#5538

Hello! I'm a new player on PC with 4 characters. (75 Ra/Su, 70 Fo/Te, 55 Fi/Hu, 58 Bo/Hu)

I am currently in an alliance with some IRL friends, but they don't play as much as I do and I'm looking for a community. I won't be joining the alliance but is it ok if I hang out on the discord?

My Discord is Meron#9248.

@Meron1678 the discord is for alliance members only, sorry! 😞

Would like to check your group out. Discord Xubrai#2892

New to the game and looking for a community. Would like to join. My discord is MaplesSyrup#8860

@The-Ploop hey! I would like to join! Player ID: 10547007 Discord: EWGF#1937 Braver LVL: 54

thanks, all. sent out links! if I missed anyone, please chat me 🙂

I would be interested to join too. Just dm(on this forum or discord) me if you still have space

Discord: Tobikoe#9035