What is with the mispelling of Techer?

Why is Techer misspelled as Techter?

Why is Zieg named Zig? Translation mate.

That one at least makes sense. Techter is like mistranslating Force as Frorcte. It's loosely based on a word and English conventions. Tech and er. Someone who techs.

According to what I have read on various places, based on the katakana, it seems it is supposed to be a portmanteau of "Technique" and "protector". Apparently this intention was originally missed or ignored when localizing PSU's classes so we got Guntecher and Wartecher instead of the intended Guntechter and Wartechter, and that is what the PSO2 fan patch used as a base for the class's name since it was a familiar term to English-speaking players, like how they renamed the PS classic outfits after the localization names rather than their Japanese names (ie. Rika instead of Fal).

Read this katakana: テクター (Te Ku Ta -) This would roughly (google) translate as: Tector. Techter isn't too far off anyways. The fan translation for JP has been naming it wrong this entire time. I don't agree with all the localized name changes, but this one made the most sense to me.

Quick note: Fan translation went with "Techer" only because that was what the official translation of PSU used for the same phrase.

A lot of the localization team went on phonetics more so, which is what kind of language Japanese is: Phonetic. meaning it's based on sounds.