Greetings everyone.

Maybe you have seen me around, maybe I am someone new to you. It is a pleasure to be here. I will make the point short: I left my alliance at 80 members because I knew about the PC release and wanted to keep it open. We are a hard working clan and enjoy playing the Game. Please consider us. We have a discord and the clan was first created in 2003 and I have always been the Clan (Alliance) Founder/Leader. I wanted to post more in depth the details but you are free to inquire. Please do. I will post what I have on our DISCORD if you are interested.

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself and the Alliance that you are currently a member of. Please remember you do not need to share more than you are comfortable with sharing. About me: I am a male in my early 30s and have been playing video games almost all my life. My favorite has always been my SNES. I was first introduced to PS on SNES but never really paid much attention to it until PSO Episode's 1 & 2 on the Gamecube. I played this game for hours with my little sister and from there I ended up loving the franchise. I first created this Clan (Alliance in PSO) back in 2003 when I signed up for the GUNZ The Duel Alpha. I quickly rose to the ranks and ended up having one of the top 10 best Clans when the game went live. I was always so proud of all my members and honestly the amount of Love I had for it kept me always never allowing it to die. In any game that I have ever played, this clan has always been a part of me. With different variations per game, per members, it always stayed the same. I want everyone to know that this Alliance will NEVER die even if I do. I know I have inspired many to continue and want you to know that even in the future if PSO has changed or fallen out and we are still waiting for the next one, that there will be another game that I am playing, with the same flag standing behind me. I work in a laboratory in NY, overnights but I can still check these posts and would like you to know that I can be reached if needed. My name is Erick, and it is a pleasure to be your leader. Hope to hear from you all soon

PSO1.JPG Snip2.JPG Snip3.JPG snip4.JPG Snip5.JPG Snip7.JPG Snip8.JPG snip9.JPG Snip10.JPG Snip11.JPG Snip12.JPG

Picture from our most resent Event! I did before have a website, but due to complications I had to take down the forum. I still own rights to the domain name, but it very hard to keep a website up and maintained by yourself.

Please send me a private message, or a whisper, or apply. Alliance Under Shadow+Cross, Level 5 with 500,000 AP. Different skill levels, time zones, welcomed. You don't have to be a PC player, but thought it would be fair to do it this way. Members are always on, and always helpful to each other. If there is any other info you would like please don't be afraid to ask. I try and speak freely and honestly with all. If you aren't interested that is fine as well, Thank you for reading. Please stay safe and enjoy the game everyone.

We are still open, but closing soon. Please message me, sent me an ingame application request, or tell me your gamertag, so I can add you.

For anyone having trouble, I made a picture step by step on how to apply to the alliance (or any alliance for that matter.)1.PNG 2.PNG 3.PNG 4.PNG 5.PNG 6.PNG 7.PNG 8.PNG 9.PNG 10.PNG 11.PNG

I also added my referral so you can get some extra rewards if you haven't created a character yet, or if you want to make a new character. Referal.PNG

Any other questions please feel free.

Less than 10 spots available. Please note again, when applying if you are already in an alliance you can't get an invite (you have to leave 1st to receive invite), if you're being scouted by 5 other alliances you also have to deny them in order to accept this one. Thank you.

HI there, I would love to join, already sent you a whisper in game. let me know

Hello everyone, 5 spots are still open. After these spots are filled we will be closed until I am able to go through every members registration on discord to manage AFK/INACTIVITY. I don't mind that you might not be on for a week or so, because of life, but the game doesn't offer any reliable way of motoring if people just made an account, and stopped playing after a few days. After I go through, there may be 5-10 spots open again. Don't wait to join some great, kind, and fun players.

@ERICK001BC hello I'd love to join as well. Will apply in game later when I'll be able to login.

I'll do the same when I get home today, if there's still room. Finally got my keybinds sorted and my understanding of the game is starting to click, so I'm ready to find some friendly folks to play with. 🙂

I'm also interested in joining. Just started the game, but I played it on Dreamcast briefly. Enjoying it so far. Get in touch if there's a spot for me my ign is: Super Turbo

Hiya, I would like to join your alliance if there is still a spot. IGN: Kasmi

@Danorua Yes there are still a few spots avilabele. That PID does not seem to show up under Arks search. It will not be your character name but your Account name. If you haven't changed your account name it will show up as a Number starting with PN.

Hello, I've been looking for an active PC community on Ship 1 for a few days, and yall look really cool. Id like to apply if you still have space @ERICK001BC

Where it is your discord link?