Jan 'Upon Quest Completion ' quest

I swear I've attempted this at odd times just to see if it's fixed. I run with all chat macros up, but when I select this quest, it seems to not recognize I have anything in 'At quest completion'(was told by GM oppa in email this is congruent, they need to fix translation errors). But I cannot get it converted to green and submitted. Not sure what to do at this point but it somewhat bugs me that I can't complete it.

Did your character actually speak the "At Quest Completion" auto word but the client order didn't get completed? If so, something strange seems to be happening.

I just had a test character so had a try. The client order worked fine. 26-05-2020_19-31-20-z1lkyyg4.jpg

@Fiona-Respha yep, I went to the Limited Quest for Mining and it didn't pop up. Even did a Nav Rappy Search to see if it was just a bug with those and nada. It's quite odd. Just an annoyance if it doesn't lock other orders. Don't remember if Jan has anymore beyond that.

Same here, i cannot get it to complete. Yes i saw it appearing after quest.

PS: is there any official support in this forum? Didnt see one so far. Doesnt really make me open to spend a single penny for this game if this doesnt change. And i bet im not alone. Dont get me wrong, im PSO player since the first day from the Japanese release on Dreamcast and really like the game. But what they did with this release is so disappointing.