Some random questions

Hi, Everyone

So first of all just want to say I've been lurking here for around a month and half and caved this morning to add an Xbox account to my Microsoft one so I can post.

For reference sake I will be Xbox is an account and Xbox live is the service which is like PS +

  1. So I'm EU and will be usein my Paypal to buy services rather than buying Gift Cards as I have an NA address which is required to link your Paypal via the NA Microsoft store, Is anyone here doing this method on Xbox as currently or are all people outside of NA just buying Gift cards?

  2. For instance I do not own an Xbox but If i purchase the founders/Sonic pack now (good vaule for stuff you get) just to save time will this cause any issues upon me loading up the PC version without ever having logged in to an Xbox ( maybe this is impossible to answer without the game being released honestly once I knew this was coming to PC it was just like take my money already have not played an mmorpg since we cleared A12 savage)

  3. Why do these forums require an Xbox account to log in I'm sure the site would have seen a massive spike if not for this, would a Microsoft account not been enough eveytime I tried no Xbox account found ๐Ÿ˜ž not everyone owns one.

  4. With the current new content that was announced today, the Urgent Quest and so forth as a PC player of course we will be starting fresh (not levelled) is their a minimum requirement e.g. me being 60 + to enter these Urgent quest, or can they be done with my fellow arks as we are levelling up. I'm not talking about being carried or me joining and leeching either it's more of a case the bingo and items that are obtained if they have a requirement I will have to speed level, as I will not do something I'm not prepared for after many time's either selling primals in XIV or carrying people though Alex Savage final turns?

  5. While I'm not a glamour guy at all unless it was tanking Alex Savage as a Golden Pig suit in Xiv or nude in my Star Spangled Subligar or Odin suit, this is how you get the currency Star Gem's. So effectively it's a good idea to use as many cosmetics as possible get the star gems and remove them right? but then can I sell them to someone else via the player shop after I have obtained said Star Gems as I have no intention of getting cosmetics for any other reason Unless they're a Mag Device. (here's hoping they give us PC users a chance at that Dreamcast Mag Odin Mag and Moggle Mag ('u')/ )

  6. I've been doing my research on classes but when it comes to certain ones I can not see any guide listing rotations for PA's for example melee classes, I know this is somewhat not applicable on force as it would be a rotation to said monster elemental weakness, but is this a thing surely it's not just a button masher do classes have set rotations for optimal damage?

I think that's it sure I have more but it's like 8am >.< see you all tomorrow hopefully they open the new ships as I want to start on a fresh server, sorry if these have been responded or asked before too but i could not find them on the forum

Thanks in advance for the responses.

Personally, i would wait to make any and all purchases until tomorrow when the PC release is officially launched.

Thereยดs only about 22 hours left so there is no need to rush and i assume your money is not going anywhere and it is better to be safe than sorry and not make any purchase until the PC service is officially and actively supported.

For all we know, they may release some new offers or make a separate method of purchase, which i doubt but once again, better safe than sorry and better to purchase it then than to be forced to go thru refunds or exchanges with support, which will probably be swamped due to release woes and whatnot.

Valid concern and point, yeah I will most likely but thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

@Blackichan08 said in Some random questions:

Why do these forums require an Xbox account to log in I'm sure the site would have seen a massive spike if not for this, would a Microsoft account not been enough eveytime I tried no Xbox account found ๐Ÿ˜ž not everyone owns one.

I can't really answer the other questions, but I can provide some insight into why they may have had you log-in with a MICROSOFT Account (The actual log-in window might say XBOX One, but it is actually a Microsoft Account, which everyone who plays on XBOX One or uses a Windows 10 PC should have). The likely reason why they require using a Microsoft Account is because the game itself can only be played on XBOX One with a Microsoft Account and Windows 10 with a Microsoft Account. It is very likely to be this simple.

@Ragnawind Yeah I presumed as much, it was as simple as me typing Xbox into google and clicking sign in and it linked an xbox account to it no problem, but not everyone will be ok with that lol.