[Ship 2] - ARGENT OCE is recruiting!

ARGENT OCEANIC GAMING, Midcore, Social, Ship No. 2


Argent comes from the land down under. Taking root in Ultima Online our founding members came together as just a group of friends playing a game after hours, but later desired a stronger Oceanic presence in the games that they enjoyed. Rebranding to Argent in 2014, we have enjoyed a strong presence in Final Fantasy 14 ever since vanilla. But have also had guilds in the many other titles that the mmo community has seen come and go over the years.


• A friendly environment to help you grow

• Structure and defined roles

• Movie & DnD Nights

• 150+ members and growing

• Guild members who understand that we are all busy individuals and still want to enjoy having a good time together in a competitive game

• Havoc within PvE to determine who can create the most broken builds

• Lot of impromptu runs > Best feature of the guild, most of the members are constantly running through content.


• Be Active: Regular community participation is valued, especially on the weekends this includes either text based chat or voice

• Use Discord: This is mandatory

• Be Friendly: Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. Were all mates here so don’t be a jerk

• Our Timezone: Is +10GMT, fair warning

• You Must: Speak English, have a sense of humor (preferably dark)

• If you want something specific done in game be willing to lead it yourself.


If you’re an Oceanic player that would like to enjoy this games content with other people in your timezone, or an NA player that plays during weird hours, please feel free to pm either myself @Axel#3094 or @Pelum#1337 in Discord. Hardcore, social or casual, all playstyles are welcome.

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Sounds Right up my ally 🙂 Been looking for an OCE alliance for a couple days now.

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Alright, count me in.

Welcome 😊

What block do you guys hang out on?

Block 30

We usually hang around block 30 or the Alliance Quarters.

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We made it to 30 Alliance members this week! Remember to jump into discord with everyone if you want to queue up for events with us quickly and run content frequently. Or make yourself known in chat, you will be left out otherwise.

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Hey guys, just wondering which server you reside? Cheers.

dm me with link