Regarding Mission Pass Season 3 and PC Players

Hello. I have a question regarding Season 3 of the MIssion Pass and the upcoming PC release this Wednesday. I was interested in getting a gold pass, but I see that Season 3 will expire on June 9th. If I buy a gold ticket on the 27th, will it expire when Season 3 expires on the 9th of June, or will it carry over to the next Season? It seems like a silly short amount of time if it does expire on June 9th.

Using a Gold Mission Pass Ticket only applies it to the current Season. That said, you can use SG to purchase Tiers to get to the prizes you want from this Season's Pass.

It will expire and not carry over! So if you do get it, make sure to get every gold star you can so you can unlock those tiers. Definitely doable. Having multiple characters can help with that by doing dailies on each of them. And like AndrIch said you can purchase tier's if you don't want to worry about that at all.

@Home-Dog You only get the Mission Stars for Daily Missions once per day, so even if you do them on all three characters you only get 5 Missions Stars, not 15. Same things applies for the Weeklies.

If the stars are consistent, you’ll be getting about to tier 22 off of the time PC has. Had to check an older video for star counts since I’m not able to check right now, and had to guess on the Tier Mission star totals (could only see page 1)

2 weeks/14 days. You’d get 70 from daily, 10 from weekly, then ~160 or so from Tier. So rank 22-24 (10 per tier)