So I just began to play not too long ago and decided to delete my original character, figured I wasn't too far in and went ahead and sent in the submission for my first character to be deleted. Logged back in 24 hours later, and made a fresh new character with everything I wanted and was excited to get going, upon entering into the prologue mission cutscene, I noticed this strange dark halo which seems to resemble the same one that appears above characters marked for deletion.

Upon finishing the cutscene, it was still visible during gameplay and was also visible upon entering the ARKS lobby for the first time. This doesn't seem to be dissappearing and It's even occured when creating another character, both are plagued with this same odd issue. I have already gone ahead and submitted a ticket to support, but was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and possibly knows how to fix this issue, thanks!

UPDATE: Support informed me that this was actually my alliance accessory from the alliance I am in. Whoops! Interesting that it occured only upon creating a new character though,